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Dallaglio RugbyWorks

We’re all about playing as a team at RugbyWorks, with our ultimate goal being to upskill young people so they are prepared to achieve great things with their lives.

RugbyWorks interventions uses the values of rugby, and sport in general, to ensure that disadvantaged young people who are disengaged from learning get the best opportunities to build a positive and productive future.

Our skilled professionals coach and mentor young people to help them reassess their lives, focus on developing key life skills and ultimately be equipped to get into sustained education, employment and training. We have our best interactions outside of the classroom and on the rugby field, where we are changing lives.

We're all about collaborating with young people, schools, partners and funders to ensure we have the maximum impact on our young people and change their lives for the better.
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It's simply our way of changing the lives of young people most in need that we support across England and Wales.

Through our detailed and skilled interventions we will focus on the four cornerstones mentioned below that will help young people achieve their potential and help them to develop a positive and productive future.

  • DEVELOPING LIFE SKILLS - Essential life skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, self-belief and self-management will allow our young people to make the right decisions for their futures.
  • RAISING ASPIRATIONS - We offer exposure to future options, through our career taster days, work experience opportunities and bespoke CV and career workshops so young people can raise their aspirations so they can start to believe they can achieve.
  • IMPROVE PHYSICAL WELLBEING - Young people are less active than they have been previously and it is essential that we help them to develop life-long habits to improve and maintain their physical health as well as creating potential pathways into community sport.
  • FOCUS ON MENTAL WELLBEING - We want to ensure that the young people we support are equipped to deal with the challenges of the modern world, to develop resilience, personal responsibility and an understanding of mental wellbeing.

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Dallaglio RugbyWorks


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