Collect money with Collection Pot

Easy to set up and collect contributions online

Collection Pot provides a secure and easy way to group collect money. Your Pot could be used to collect money for a group gift, event, or a special occasion.

Build & personalise your group collection


Create a Pot and share it with friends and family so they can contribute online. Once the Pot closes, the funds can either be spent on a great range of gift cards, withdrawn to a UK or Ireland Visa debit card or sent directly to a chosen charity. Anyone can create a Pot to collect funds online. 

Why use Collection Pot to collect money online?

The platform provides a personalised experience that is perfect for online group collections.

  • No fees when creating or spending a Pot
  • Share the link to your Pot via or email or social media
  • Contribute funds online and leave a message
  • Free to withdraw your funds

set up

It is free to collect money with Collection Pot. You can personalise your collection by adding an image, a few words about your group collection, or the reason you’ve created your Pot.


Share the link with friends or family via email or social media. Contributions can be added from anywhere at any time.


Once the Pot closes, recipients will be invited to spend their pot via our great range of gift cards from top retailers or withdraw their pot to a UK or Ireland VISA debit card.