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Creating a Collection Pot

What details do I need to provide to create a collection?

To create a pot we simply need the name of the recipient and your email. We will only use this email to send details of the balance upon the closing date. If you are collecting for a leaver in your business then you will be asked to supply an alternative email address for when the pot closes.

How do I add a picture

How do I add a message

When you share the pot unique link, each donation can be accompanied by a personalised message to the recipient which will be shown on the pot page at the right-hand side.

How do I share the link to the Collection Pot

I cant access my account

Can I create a private page for the pot? Will it be visible on search engines?  

Each pot is totally private and can only be accessed by people that are given the link. The link can be shared in a variety of ways, and on the pot page you will have the ability to share through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and email.

Can I close a pot earlier than planned or edit the page?

If you are the pot administrator you can log in and change the closing date. You can also add additional administrators to help you manage the pot.

What is the difference between a digital and a printed card?

A digital card will be delivered by email, a printed card is delivered by post. Both options will enable you to see all personal messages that have been left by donators to that Collection Pot. Please note that when selecting a printed card, you should allow 3 working days for printing.