30th Birthday Gift Ideas

Chocolate birthday cake with 30th birthday candles on.

For most people, hitting 30 is a big deal. Saying goodbye to your 20s is a milestone many of us remember, or might be looking towards with slight apprehension. 

When a close friend or family member reaches a key moment in their lives, we typically want to celebrate them and show how much they mean to us. But when it comes to significant birthdays and milestones, the pressure to find a gift which matches the magnitude of the moment can be a strain on the mind – and the wallet. 

Group gifting is a good move for your wallet and sustainability

Group gifting is one way many approach 30th birthday presents. By collaborating together and contributing to a money pool, you have the opportunity to buy something more significant. It’s also a great way to give sustainable gifts, as they have the choice of how exactly they’d like to spend it.

Collection Pot is a simple and secure way to collect for a group gift. In a matter of minutes, you can set up a Collection Pot for free and ask for contributions from your network using a unique link. Once you’ve reached your target amount, your lucky pot receiver can decide how they want to spend it – with cash, gift card or charity donation.

Popular gift cards for milestone birthdays

The historical issue with giving a gift card is they can be limiting. This was one of the reasons we started Collection Pot. If the receiver decides they don’t want to convert to money (and trust us, 95% of people opt to convert to bank transfer!) then we have over 60 retailers they can choose from. Here are a few of our favourite online gift cards:

Airbnb gift card 

Camping in mountainous scenery beside a pond.

Perhaps one of our most popular for big milestone birthdays. What better way to mark the occasion than contributing to a trip away. And there’s no expiry date to spend.

Amazon gift card

Amazon Prime lorry driving over a bridge.

Amazon gift cards are the safe bet, everyone will find something they want or need on Amazon. 

Bloom & Wild gift card

Close up image of pink and white small flowers.

Rather than sending flowers, you can allow them to choose which flowers or plants to decorate their space.

John Lewis gift card

Flower arrangement sits atop a dresser with a candle.

John Lewis is a great place for clothes, homeware and electricals making it a good bet for most people.

M&S gift card

Coffee table with camera, vase and Henri Matisse book.

The M&S gift card can be spent on anything at the store or online – including M&S Simply Food, for those who get joy out of entertaining at home. 

ASOS gift card

Racks of clothing hanging in shop.

As ASOS has thousands of brand choices for all genders, it’s a good shout for the fashion-conscious.

To set up a Collection Pot, simply set-up a free account and start creating your page.