5 Christmas ideas for teachers that won’t end up in a charity shop

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You made it through the Autumn Term, well done you. You’ve had 12 weeks of school and suddenly the Christmas holidays loom large on the horizon. Your sleeping hours are dogged by dreams of present wrapping and your waking hours are spent panicking about how to get hold of the latest L.O.L Surprise toy

Let’s face it, you don’t need another job to add to your pile of to dos. But what about the Teacher’s Christmas Gift? What does Teacher even want for Christmas? You don’t blooming know! Conversation over the last 12 weeks has been limited to ‘hi’ at the classroom door, and maybe ‘oops, sorry we’re a bit late’ (cue awkward crouch/run into the classroom). 

You could always take the stress and hassle away from what to give your teacher for Christmas by setting up a Collection Pot. In a few short clicks, you could lay the way for a bumper Christmas in Teacher’s household, by clubbing together with other parents to get them something they really want. Here’s are some smart and easy ideas for quickly and effectively ask for classroom contributions.

Teacher’s Christmas gift buying, at an already crazy time of year, is something you could just do without, right?! To help out, we’ve come up with some of the best Christmas gift ideas for teachers that’ll have them smiling until Valentine’s Day.

  1. A relaxing Spa Day – we all love a pamper!
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Who’s it for? That teacher who always goes the extra mile. They’re stressed, exhausted and deserve a thoroughly good pamper.  

What is it? A Spa Day experience for 2 from Virgin Experience Days. A chance to unwind from the stresses of the Autumn Term. Collection Pot gives them the option to cash in a spa day, through Virgin Experience Days, or Red Letter Days. Both have hundreds of fantastic locations to unwind. 

Price: £50+

  1. Apothecary Calm hand wash from Marks and Spencer (smells amazing)
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Who’s it for? The Primary School teacher who has to wash their hands…A LOT! Little kids are great but they’re also incubuses of plague. Save Teacher’s holiday by giving them this luxurious handwash to rid them of classroom germs.

What is it? A handwash from Marks & Spencer’s Apothecary range. Scent is a personal thing though, so you might want to give your teacher a choice of smells (or something else) by opting to cash in an M & S voucher or pick something else entirely. Collection Pots give total flexibility with over 60 different voucher options.

Price: £50+

  1. Personalised Champagne from Fortnum & Mason
Fortnum's Personalised Blanc de Blancs Champagne, Hostomme, 75cl

Who’s it for? For the teacher who enjoys the finer things in life. 

What is it? Pop the cork on the Christmas Holidays with this ultimate teacher’s gift. Fortnum’s give a huge choice of bubbly-based goodies, as well as options to personalise spirits, if Teacher prefers gin to fizz.

Price: Champers starts at £46.50

  1. For the beer drinkers, you can’t go wrong with a Beer Club membership from Beer 52

Who’s it for? For the teacher who loves a cloudy pint and a yarn about the latest microbrewery.

What is it? A Beer 52 membership delivers a monthly selection of crafty beers to your door. They also now have a wine club which delivers the latest chart-topping vintages. If you’re unsure whether your teacher prefers a grape or a hop, don’t risk it! Collection Pots can also be exchanged for Beer 52 vouchers for them to spend on their tipple of choice.

Price: £27/month

  1. Supernova Gore-Tex Runners
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Who’s it for? Your very favourite PE teacher. Or maybe Teacher’s new year’s resolution is to run a marathon. Either way, these waterproof running trainers from Adidas, will keep their feet dry as they hit the trails in the January drizzle. 

What is it? A pair of first-class runners to keep the rain at bay during the wetter, colder months to come. Ideal if you happen to know your teacher’s shoe size…not common knowledge normally though. So, what about a gift card, or even a classroom Collection Pot for them to choose their favourite brand of trainers from several different sporting retailers. 

Price: £100
Taking the stress out of Christmas gift buying is what we’re all here for. Collection Pots can be set up in moments and will give your kid’s favourite teacher tonnes of different options for a fabulous festive treat. They’re a great way to spend a little but get a lot and let’s be honest, that’s something we’re all thinking about this year, right?!