5 Farewell Gift Ideas For Colleagues You Might Just Want To Keep For Yourself

Colleagues laughing on sofa opening gift

One in five of us will have quit our jobs in 2022, according to a report by PwC. Workplace goodbyes can be a bittersweet. On the one hand, it’s sad to see someone go (well, they may depend on the leaver in question!) but on the other hand, change can be positive and it’s a good opportunity to celebrate their time at your workplace and to wish them luck for whatever’s next.

But what should you buy a colleague that’s leaving?

There is a wealth of tat in the workplace gifting world. Don’t be that person. A tip for finding the perfect farewell gift for your colleague is to focus on a hobby or activity they enjoy and use this as the inspiration for your gift ideas.  

In the Collection Pot team, for example, we’ve got off-road cyclists, dog lovers, yogis, world-travelers and culinary artists (well, they make a pretty extra lunch from what we’ve witnessed). 

When it comes to choosing a leaving gift, we opt for a group collection using Collection Pot. It means we’re not lumped with the responsibility to think creatively and they can convert the pot for a bank transfer, charity donation or choose from over 60 retailer gift cards. 

We’ve used our team to inspire some of the gift ideas in this article, hopefully it’s helpful to you too!

5 Farewell Gift Ideas for Your Colleague you’d actually want to receive.

  1. Leather-bound journal

Source: Liberty.

What is it? A Liberty Notebook for anyone moving onto a new job, or for anyone who enjoys journalling.

  1. Airbnb Gift Cards.

Source: Airbnb.

Who’s it for? For that Colleague who never stops talking about their holidays. Or, frankly, for anyone who needs a break! 

What is it? Airbnb gift cards allow recipients to easily book a stay, experience or online experience. Collection Pots can be converted to Airbnb vouchers, or into 60+ other Gift Cards. The choice is theirs! 

Price: Any amount

  1. House plants

Source: Patch Plants.

Who’s it for? For a Colleague who loves plants, but might not have a garden. Patch Plants deliver to anywhere in the UK. For those outside of the UK, check out Etsy. 

Why your colleague will love it: Plants transform a space and are proven to be beneficial to our wellbeing and mental health. 

Price: Plants start at £10.

  1. Yoga Gear

Source: Lulu Lemon.

Who’s it for? Yogis! There’s one in every office (*cough*… Victoria).

Why your colleague will love it: Lulu Lemon is one of the biggest yoga brands out there, and for good reason – it’s yoga gear that’s built to last, there are sets for men and women and it looks great for a trip to the shops too. 

Price:  Gifts start from around the £10 mark.

  1. A ceramic vase 

Source: Etsy.

Who’s it for? For anyone with a home.

Why your colleague would love it: This ceramic vase from John Lewis is a gender neutral gift that anyone with a home can enjoy. Collection Pots can be converted into John Lewis vouchers if you’d rather give them a choice. You can see the full range of gift cards we offer here.

Price: £30

Still don’t know what to get your coworker? Let them decide.

Collecting for a group gift in the workplace is time-consuming and difficult to get right. That’s why we created Collection Pot, the online group collection platform that makes it easy to collect for a gift. Your gift receiver can choose to convert their pot, donate to charity, or exchange it for a gift card. We’re partnered with over 60 retailers, so there’s plenty to choose from. 

And what’s more? It’s super simple.

Start Collecting in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a pot in less than three minutes and set a deadline for people to contribute.
  2. Invite people to contribute via email, Whatsapp or social media using your unique link. Top tip! Use our tried and tested email template to quickly and effectively ask for contributions.
  3. Once the pot is closed, it’s up to them to spend!