Banishing the ‘secret’ envelope

In many offices on a daily basis there is a ‘not so secret’ envelope being circulated collecting funds for a leaver, baby news, or special celebration.

We are all familiar with the traditional process, sign your name on the greeting card and the covering brown envelope, drop in your cash and forward it on.

What a missed opportunity to truly appreciate the person and fully acknowledge the reason for the celebration.

As we move towards a cashless society, inevitably not carrying cash becomes more and more common. Fragmented work forces and multi country offices also carry their own communication issues when trying to get a group collection off the ground.

Invariably the responsibility of an office collection sits with the office manager, HR, team leader or PA, all of whom maybe be time poor and, in some cases, may not know the collection recipient well.

We created and developed Collection Pot with the aim of reinventing the office collection. Turning an uninspiring and time-consuming process into a true celebration and a genuine opportunity to engage employees.

To date we’ve seen the value of donations for a collection increase by an average of 24% and the feedback from platform users speak for themselves:

‘A fun way of collecting money’ ‘We always lose the envelope so this is great’ ‘Good to read all the comments being added’ ‘I never carry cash so this is perfect ‘I can add my donation and greeting from home.’

There are three easy stages – Creating a Collection, Donating to a Collection and Redeeming Collection.

The platform is easy and intuitive to use. Creating a collection takes minutes, with five easy steps, which include the option of adding an image of the recipient, explanation as to why the collection has been set up, a collection closing date and time.

Once the collection is created you simply share the link via email, or social channels encouraging donations from colleagues. Donations can be made in multi-currency, any amount. Donators can also add a personal message.

When the collection closes, the recipient is invited to spend their funds via the Collection Pot catalogue, which offers a wide range of gift cards, e-codes and physical gift. Covering all main wish lists, including leisure, travel, electrical, homeware and jewellery and clothing. As they are self-selecting you can be assured that they will be receiving a gift of choice.

Collection Pot is being used by companies across many sectors for all their employee collections. Many taking advantage of the white label option, which encompasses their own branding and messaging.

By taking an age-old office tradition and applying a modern digital twist we’ve seen amazing results, both in terms of engagement levels and the value of collections increasing significantly.

We would love to talk to you about reinventing your office collections – please drop us an email.