Collecting for a new baby? Don’t forget mum and dad!

It’s time to get a Collection Pot set up for that new delivery, coming via stork any minute now. But when the pot is full – what do you get?

You might be tempted to get those lovely bibs, onesies or booties you’ve seen, but to throw something else into the mix, what about a gift for mum or dad instead?

After all, they may be your colleague or employee. Nothing says congratulations like a gift just for them!

Of course, it might not be the time to get her some new high heels, after all – for a few months they will be pretty much stationary – but new parents will also appreciate gifts that will make their lives easier. You could offer them gift cards that they can spend as they see fit, or take the balance and use it with a unique idea such as a food delivery service, or spent on practical gear that makes changing a new baby’s nappy a breeze.

Our pick of the best ideas include:

For Mum:

For Dad:

Of course, these are gender neutral, so do mix and match as you see fit.

The real treat though is a gift card. If you think this feels impersonal, think again!

Timpson does this really well, and gives gift cards to celebrate employees’ significant life events in order to ensure its workforce feels appreciated. These include a £25 cash award for expectant mothers to help them buy comfortable maternity clothes for work, as well as £25-worth of Mothercare vouchers for all new parents on the birth of a child.

And as we all know, babies never work to a schedule unless it’s their own – so if you need to get a gift for mum or dad, it’s time to get potting!