Collection Pot launches ‘Every Pot’s A Story’ campaign

The saying goes that every picture tells a story, and for the team at Collection Pot – every Pot has a unique story to be shared. Today, we launch our Every Pot’s A Story campaign in a bid to get even more people to say, ‘we will miss you’ ‘congratulations’ or ‘you deserve this.’

There are Pots being set up every day for a variety of occasions, and each has its own unique story, from a new job, fundraising for a charity, a new arrival, a special birthday, even to help raise funds to replace a stolen bike.

It’s so important to acknowledge and celebrate all the people and occasions that make our individual worlds so important and to spark inspiration for all those future Collection Pot stories yet to be created.

Wendy Carter CEO & Founder of Collection Pot said: ‘It’s great to see the messages of support, best wishes, and congratulations added to each Pot to support the story and make the whole thing very real.

We are very proud to see all the Pots being set up and the stories behind them. Knowing that our platform has played a part in delivering the sentiment behind those occasions is very heart warming.’

Taking messages from real Pot’s, the campaign clearly illustrates all the many reasons why Pots are created and their unique story. Start Creating Your Story today