Collection Pot migrates to Microsoft Azure to support international expansion

UK based fintech Collection Pot announces the move to and migration to Microsoft Azure to enable the role out of their global expansion plans.

In today’s increasingly cashless society, Collection Pot offers a platform that simplifies and streamlines the group collection of funds for a wide range of everyday occasions, particularly relevant today to support the changing needs of consumers, companies and communities.

By taking full advantage of the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud environment, Collection Pot has ensured that customers and partners will benefit from the scalability and security enhancements that this move brings.

The migration will enable the business to more easily build, manage and deploy a series of innovative and exciting upgrades as they are released over the next couple of months and beyond.

Moving the site to gives the platform a global position and enables the deployment of regionalised content without the requirement to manage multiple domain names.

Working with the team at Bravand to roll out these changes, Collection Pot Commercial Director, Adam Stevens said: “I am delighted to announce these updates today, which is a great milestone for Collection Pot and our ambitions to continually  innovate and make Collection Pot the pre-eminent group collecting platform for families, friends, communities and the workplace. Our partnership with Bravand is key to the continued growth of Collection Pot and I look forward to sharing the next release of innovations that the move to Microsoft Azure enables us to deliver.”

Ross Musgrove, Managing Director of Bravand said “This is the key initial step that will underpin the Collection Pot roadmap. It may not be the sexiest release we’ve ever done, but it’s the infrastructural improvement necessary to deliver the product vision. And that’s why we’re here.”