Collection Pot Expands Team

Nick Coles recently joined us in the role of Marketing & Community Engagement Manger, we asked Nick to introduce himself by answering 5 quick questions:

What experience do you bring to Collection Pot?

Within my young career I have been fortunate to get stuck into a variety of projects. I have worked alongside a number of brands ensuring they have maximised their effectiveness within the social media and influencer marketing space. This included a number of industries such as gaming, sport, lifestyle, entertainment and charity.

Which brands do you admire and why?

A brand I really admire is Funko. The way they have regenerated the ‘collectibles’ sector is great. They are the perfect community-based brand. In terms of a brand I admire for their marketing, that would be Apple – they have been dominant in the tech world and they really know how to hook people to buying the ‘next big thing’ year on year.

What’s your favourite social channel?

This is a very tough question because I have different uses for all of them. Personally I enjoy Twitter as I use it as a main source of news. However, my favourite channel to market to audiences would be Facebook.

What’s the first goal you want to achieve in your new role?

My first goal/s is to really gain a thorough overview of Collection Pot from an internal point of view and fully understanding the brand’s culture and values – this will help shape the company’s marketing efforts and the messages we present.

Name your favorite film, book and song

Favourite film is Avengers Endgame (no competition). Favourite book is ‘Indistractable’ by Nir Eyal. Favourite song is ’16’ by Craig David