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Crowdfunding with Collection Pot

Raise money online for any project or personal cause

Collection Pot provides a secure and easy way to fundraise online. Whatever the project, every donation makes a real difference.

Build & personalise your crowdfunding page

Create a Pot and share it with friends and family so they can donate online. Once the Pot closes, the funds can either be paid to a UK or Ireland Visa debit card or sent directly to a chosen charity. Anyone can create a pot to collect funds for projects or causes.

Why use Collection Pot as your crowdfunding platform?

The platform provides a personalised experience that is perfect to raise money online.

  • 0% set up fee when creating a Pot
  • Share the link to your Pot via social media or email
  • Donate funds online anonymously or publicly
  • Claim Gift Aid on eligible donations

set up

It is free to start crowdfunding with Collection Pot. You can personalise your collection by adding an image, a few words about your project, or the reason you've created your collection. Select the date and time you would like to close your Pot.


Share the link with friends or family via email or social media. Donations can be added from anywhere at anytime. Contributors are encouraged to add a personal message which can be viewed by all donators to the collection.


Once all the donations have been added and the Pot closes, funds will be either be redeemed via a UK or Ireland Visa debit card or sent directly to the chosen charity. We will also provide the information to claim Gift Aid.