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Our Story

After many years of running large corporate teams and seeing lots of ‘secret’ collection envelopes being passed around the office, Collection Pot Founder, Wendy Carter thought that there must be a more fun and less time-consuming way of collecting for special occasions. This was backed up by a conversation overheard between a receptionist and an office manager who were complaining that they had put in the lion’s share of the collection for someone in the office ‘yet again‘.

Why did they find it such a pain?

  • They had to send round an envelope to request cash, which always went missing.
  • The people who worked on the road, from home, or branch offices were disappointed to have not been included
  • No one ever had cash on them
  • Someone was given the task of buying a gift and wrapping it, not knowing if the gift was appropriate
  • The recipient was then altogether unsure of who had given towards the present.

The whole thing sounded time consuming and dull – surely there was a way to reduce all the administration around gifting?

That’s when Collection Pot was born, taking away the hassle and time associated with buying a gift for a birthday, engagement, baby, retirement or team night out.

Collection Pot was officially launched in 2019 offering businesses, groups of friends and family a chance to simplify collections for each celebration, whatever the occasion.

The Collection Pot recipient can then go on to spend their pot online via the Collection Pot catalogue which offers a wide range of gift cards, ecodes from many online and High Street retailers.

Setting up a collection takes minutes and can be personalised to the occasion and the recipient.

Collection Pot also works for other celebration experiences, such as collecting money for a family get together, organising a trip of a lifetime, community projects, or a special birthday.

Simply, it’s the best way to bring people together to make celebrations and occasions collaborative.