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Christopher smith

Life Synergy Centre Project – Initial resources fundraiser donations (Meditation and wellbeing classes)

NOTE: Please see at the bottom of this description for instructions of how to donate for an online class.


Thank you for taking an interest in this “Initial resources fundraiser” for the Life Synergy Centre project!

As most of you here will know, this fundraiser is for the Life Synergy Centre project. Our plan is to buy a large plot of land in England, and build a self-sufficient, sustainable, spiritual and well-being community.

This “Initial resources fundraiser” is for the purpose of raising money to go towards crucial funds, to create a meeting space, well-being programme marquee, toilets, water source, basic farming equipment, road, carpark and yurts for our founding members, volunteers and the general public. 

Using this money we intend to purchase a large marquee to run meditation and wellbeing programmes, market garden stalls, food festivals and other events right through spring and summer, every year for our founding members, volunteers and the general public.

Each donation that goes towards this fundraiser is in exchange for participating in one of our online “meditation and well-being” classes. Or if you would just like to support the project, then all other donations are greatly appreciated.


If you are donating to join one or more of our online meditation classes, then simply click the “collection pot” link, and go to the “add to pot button” and press, then choose which amount to donate for 1 class, or for a bundle of 2 or 3 classes.

A voluntary suggested donation is, 1 class for £6, 2 classes for £10. and 3 classes for £13. Remember, all money goes towards the Life Synergy Centre initial resources fundraiser.

You will then receive an email confirmation in the next 24hrs from myself with more details about the classes.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Christopher Jai x

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Myra Hodgson

Thanks for the meditation classes.

Myra Hodgson

Just a bit more toward the meditation classes. Thank you.


Thanks Christopher!

Guy Richardson

Trying to stop thought is like trying to smother your feet in Vaseline before running across the kitchen. You’re just going to smash your head into the washing machine. I said it first.

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Pot closes on 31st July 2021