Pot created by Svetlana Wilson

To help Ukrainian refugees in Poland

My country, Ukraine, is under fire. Putin’s aggression has left a lot of people without homes. A lot of cities, towns and villages have been destroyed. People are forced to leave their homes empty handed. They are desperate for food and clothes.
This pot has been created in order to collect enough money to hire trucks + pay for fuel, so we can deliver food, medication, clothes, bedding to Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Thanks very much for your contribution 🙏💙💛🙏

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Andy Kelly

My thoughts are with you, your family and the people of Ukraine. Thank you for the help you are giving.

Carrie Tindall

This is an amazing thing you’re doing in terrible circumstances. Thank you! Let us know when you have a lorry and what items you need to fill it with.

Jeff Thompson

Amazing what you are doing and sending my thoughts and prayers for your family’s safety and that of the Ukrainian people

Maddie Mann

Thank you for your inspiring initiative and best wishes for the journey.


We stand with brave Ukrainian Great nation

Torsten Arndt

Thank you for being there for others.

Gail East

Thoughts are with you and all the people of Ukraine

Rich & Jane

Thanks for making such a massive difference!

The McNeil Family

Paul, Svetlana our Best wishes to You and Your family in this most difficult of Times we hope you all stay Safe and wish you well.

Debbie Humphrey

Good luck to you all

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