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Iryna @ The Ukrainian Contact Centre Association International

Right now our contact centre friend & board member of the Ukrainian Contact Centre Association Iryna Velychko and all her contact centre colleagues are not answering calls from customers they are answering the call to defend their homeland from invasion. Agents right now are conducting unpaid work providing key logistical support to humanitarian hubs coordinating much need food and medical supply relief.

We can help them. Your contribution will go directly to Iryna & The Ukrainian Contact Centre Association.

Here are some FAQ’s direct from Iryna in Kyiv.

What will the money be used for ?
1. telecom bills for the call centre 2. Google Page with the schedule of agents and their work time. Data changes each morning. I will pay once per week for each CC according to the quantity of working time. 3. We are increasing the quantity of agents-volunteers in Government CC (because the government haven’t a budget for their salary). So I would like to pay for them also. So we have a plan to pay for near 200 people, from 3 to 6 hours work for everyday.

Is it mainly government contact centres to help civilians? And how many advisors and team managers are you currently supporting?
Now we working with 3 outsource contact centers and 1 government. We are now recruiting operators for remote work for the government CC, to support the humanitarian line. We already have more than 100 candidates from different cities of Ukraine, as well as those who have moved to other regions of Ukraine but are ready to continue working for our country.
Outsourcing CCs support the work of several volunteer logistics centers, now we are discussing the work of humanitarian lines for the city administrations of Kharkiv and Khmelnitsky.

How many people are providing this work?
Today we have 28 employees with 4 team-leads, but we are planning a significant increase in staff.

So the focus is volunteer logistics?
Yes, volunteer logistics, humanitarian lines, and search of people

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Tatiana Nasedkina

Slava Ukraine


Iryna, You and your colleagues are showing unbelievable strength and courage., delivering this work in the face of adversity none of us can begin to imagine. We hope this small gesture assists you and your team to continue your essential work. Stay safe.

Trevor Butterworth

Keep up the great work you are doing under difficult circumstances and stay safe – Trevor Butterworth

Gemma Jarrett

Thinking of you all at this awful time and hope it ends soon!

Brett Hollins

Hi Iryna, my fellow ECCCSA judge, I thought of you straight away when this awful news broke! I’m so glad this opportunity to support you and your colleagues is open – prayers and thoughts are with you all! #Pray4Ukraine #NOWAR

Marianne Withers

Our hearts are with you, please be safe

Nicola Collister

Hope you are all safe and best wishes in keeping yourselves going in these desperate times

Daniel Cohen


Fola Olafare

You’re showing bravery beyond belief. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

Rula Samara

Sending lots of love to you all 💞

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