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Northamptonshire Help for Ukraine

UPDATE: 05/05/2022
In short, so far from the £10,005 available in the collection pot as of May 5th, we have spent:

13/3 £6,065.00 phase 1 travel lorries from Collection Pot
30/3 £2,000.00 phase 2 – PMP Transport 6th lorry 1 (Phase 2)
29/4 £1,800.00 phase 2 – PMP Transport 6th lorry 2 (Phase 2)

In the pot we have left: £140,00.

We would like to send another lorry of goods w/c May 9th, for that we need approx £2000,00

Note: Any extra would be used to purchase additional goods – foods, toiletries, sanitary or military items that would be shipped in the same truck as the goods we have already collected.

UPDATE: 30/04/2022:
We have now sent over 8 lorries of donations!!! Latest spent:
PMP Transport 6th lorry 2 (Phase 2) 27/4 £1,800.00 Transport to Hrubieszow-Lutsk 07/4 (from the pot)
PMP Transport 6th lorry 2 (Phase 2) 27/4 £200.00 Transport to Hrubieszow-Lutsk 07/4 (from cash donations – NOT ENOUGH IN THE POT 🙁 )

Thank you for all your donations, we also need more, so we can send at least one more lorry to Ukraine. Thank you for all your donations

UPDATE: 31/03/2022
We have now sent 6 FTL and added some of our donations to the Nottingham lorry (jointly sent).

From The Pot we have spent:

Ferry DFDS – 5 lorries 12/3 £1,206.31
Driver 1 Petrol (part fuelled by local businesses) & Travel expenses 12/3 £1,000.00
Driver 2 Petrol (part fuelled by local businesses) & Travel expenses 12/3 £1,000.00
Driver 3 Petrol (part fuelled by local businesses) & Travel expenses 12/3 £1,000.00
Driver 4 Petrol (part fuelled by local businesses) & Travel expenses 12/3 £1,000.00
Driver 5 Petrol (part fuelled by local businesses) & Travel expenses 12/3 £1,000.00
Food – hot dinner drivers 4/3 £50.00
Food – hot dinner drivers 10/3 £50.00
Food – shop – drivers 10/3 £65.00
PMP Transport 6th lorry 31/3 £2,000.00
TOTAL SPENT: £8,371.31

Time for a little update from our side. Thanks to your generosity we managed to send 5 lorries full of the most needed goods to Ukraine. Some of the money raised was spent on fuel, ferry tickets and food for the drivers. Our drivers made it successfully to Ukraine, you can read more about it on our Facebook group – Northamptonshire Help for Ukraine – where you can also find photos and video reports.
We decided to continue our work. We will continue to collect the most necessary things and deliver them to Ukraine. Please head directly to our Facebook group to see what help is currently needed.
We would like to thank everyone involved for their help. Without you it would not have been possible! Slava Ukraini!
24 February 2022. Russia has launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, marking a significant escalation of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war that began in 2014.
We want to show our support for the Ukrainians so we have set up a Facebook group to coordinate support for Ukraine in the Northamptonshire area and we are collecting the most necessary items to deliver to Ukraine.

We have already collected many donations, now we need your help with raising money for fuel to transport to Ukraine! One of our campaigners met with Ukrainian drivers in Rothwell today, they offered us their help to transport the donations straight to Ukraine. We have 15 lorries available, each needing around 800-1000 litres of fuel + other costs incurred along the way (ferry from UK to France etc). We need to raise around £1,500 for each lorry, our goal in total is 25K. Thank you in advance for your help and commitment. You are amazing!

Thank you for your support – Slava Ukraini!


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Ian Gemmell

I am glad to help

Derek Ramoo

Good luck in all you do.

Brenda McCraith

Every little helps!

Goldmark Atelier

Hope this can help in some way. Respect to everyone coordinating these efforts. GA

Diane Mackie

My heart goes with this donation. Sent with love ❤️

Bożena Maczka

On behalf of Elaine and Sean Lonergan.

Bibra toxicology

We hope this helps – love from the team at bibra x

Kairen Wade

My very good wishes and thoughts go with you in your wonderful work helping people with desperate needs. Safe journey.

Ian Gemmell

Thanks for your good work

Emily Fedorowycz

Thank you for all you doing to help those in Ukraine in dire need of support. It is an awful time, but people like you give me hope. Together we can overcome anything.

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