Pot created by Svetlana Wilson

Help Us To Help Ukraine. Money for sending lorries to Ukraine.

My name is Svetlana. I am Ukrainian, who lives here, in the UK with my husband and daughter. As we speak, my parents are hiding from bombs, missiles, vacuum bombs, and aggressive, relentless military assault back home, in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Many people have already been left without a roof over the head. People are fleeing, leaving with nothing but the shirt on their back. This is our 2nd collection pot, it has been created to collect funds, which will be used to send lorries with humanitarian aid to Ukraine. We have already sent 6 lorries and another 4 are going to Ukraine on Monday, the 14th of March. We know some very reliable people on the ground in Ukraine with networks within Ukraine who distribute the humanitarian aid to where it has to go.
Thanks very much to everyone who has already supported our initiative. Thanks very much who would like to support us.
Here is the website, where you can find all the information with regards to the above including all the pictures and video evidence: https://www.oursupport4ukraine.com.

Thanks again

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Glenda Schultz

The Ukrainian people are in my thoughts and prayers

Caroline Maunsell

What a united front the Ukrainian people are showing the world. Amazing bravery and determination under the onslaught of that maniac Putin.

Emma Mander

Thanks for all your efforts to support Ukraine during this horrific time.

Arianna Benetti

I stand for Ukraine! Svetlana and Paul thank you for everything you are doing.

Jeremy Rossiter

Good luck..


I hope all your efforts are successful in helping the Ukrainian crisis.

Alan McPherson

Great cause, glad to help.

S. Johnston

Supporting Ukraine 💯 Stay strong, stay safe – we are ALL Ukraine!!

Jeenal Patel

Thank you for doing a great job.

Leigh Treacy

Thank you from the Coleshill community in Buckinghamshre. All of us are so inspired and grateful for all that you’re doing. You are heroes.

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