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Future Choices is still here & we’re determined to get through this pandemic. We are united that when we are allowed to return as a group, that we will restart to break down the social isolation barriers that so many vulnerable people have faced. We have all felt loneliness due to Lockdown & its a horrible feeling!

By donating to our cause, you’re helping us to continue to support Physically Disabled Adults. It really does mean the world.

We are in our 13th year, please support us if you can.

Thank you, Team Future Choices

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lesley Bremner

Missing you all very much and just wanting to get back and be together and have fun and enjoy seeing each other again l am Looking so forward to getting back to Future Choices and having a cup of tea and a good long blether with you all. Miss you all very much.xxx.

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All contributions raised will be sent directly to Future Choices Registered charity in England and Wales (40085)