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London Business School MBA2007 Reunion Saturday

The London Business School MBA2007 15th Reunion drinks are happening!

Date: Saturday, June 18th, 2022
Time: 6pm-ish to around 11:30pm.
Location: Caravan King’s Cross, 1 Granary Square, London N1C 4AA

There will be a cash bar and the ability to order food. The restaurant owners have been very generous so we don’t have any booking fee or minimum. That said, I am collecting some money up-front so that we can pre-order some food, nibbles and wine. (This will help ensure that we get at least some food in place without slamming the kitchen.)
Please donate to this collection pot to help fund that initial ordering.

How much to donate?
I’m putting in £50 for myself. (Gold Tier / Business Class / Scale-up)
If you want to show off your swagger, feel free to put in more (Platinum Tier / First Class / Executive Sponsorship).
If you want to put in less (like £20 or so), that’s cool. (Silver/Premium Economy/Start-up).
If you don’t put in anything, that’s a bit shit, but we are still happy to see you. (Bronze/Economy/Funemployed)

Any concerns, feel free to email someone who cares.

Looking forward to seeing you and I promise not to embezzle (all) the donations!

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Cave Montazeri


Rodrigo Mazorra

Great to see you guys soon!

Sandeep Mehta

Thx for organising this event ! Sandeep

Asbjørn Kastaniegaard

Fantastic! Can’t wait to see you guys

Gustav Ellingsen

Looking forward!

Melanie Robinson

How time flies! Thanks for making this happen

Nicholas Conway

Looking forward to it. Thank you Clancy for showing true leadership on this. N

Christophe Haugen

Thanks Clancy for organising this! See you on Saturday.

Tongai Ku

Tx 4 organising Clancy

Jordi Bartomeu

Thanks Clancy! Looking forward to it.

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