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Pot created by

Sheila Holder

Kittys in UAE need help

Poor kittys of UAE need your help. Too many animals are abandoned and left injured or even to die on the streets. The municapility has also now made it illegal for anyone to feed or rescue them. They cannot even raise funds anymore as any of these above now lead to severe penaltys for the those involved.
The animals are now being poisoned or moved to the desert and left to die in the grueling heat without water etc!
The few that are still trying to help these poor babies are needing financial help to trap/rescue, neuter and bring them back to good health. They are then vaccinated, microchipped given all other necessary jabs and pet passports so they are ready to be adopted abroad because they will never get a fur-ever home where they are due to disabilitys etc. This is just a brief summary as so much more we could tell you.
You can find the story of 1 kitty we are trying to help at the moment on Facebook- HELP MAX GET HOME.
I am happy to chat if anyone wants further info. Any little you can donate will help rescue these poor babys and give them the life they deserve.

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