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Brentford FC Community Sports Trust

With our community work spanning more than three decades, Brentford FC Community Sports Trust has established itself as a pioneering organisation for the local community.

We use the power of sport to educate, motivate and inspire people from all backgrounds.

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Kew House School

Kew House School has donated £150 to Brentford FC Community Sports Trust to say thanks for a signed shirt received by them by the Club.

Adam Stevens

Keep up the amazing work

Colin Brookfield

Donation in memory of Dave Evans z friend, colleague who was a lifelong Bees fan.

Greig Paterson



What a great initiative!


Great community work and organisation! #CmonYouBees

Terry Kneeshaw Art

Donation from Terry Kneeshaw Art

Gary Lucas

Thanks for a great day out Jon Burr and Amy.

Terry Kneeshaw Art Kneeshaw

Terry Kneeshaw Art

Terry Kneeshaw Art Kneeshaw

Monthly Payment Terry Kneeshaw Art

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