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Collection Pot

It’s so simple to set up your Collection Pot.

1. Firstly login and create your account.

2. Select ‘Create a Pot’, either ‘Personal’ or ‘Charity’.  Give your Collection Pot a name, choose from our range of occasions and events, add a few words about your recipient or charity you’re collecting for.

3. Choose a picture or icon for your Collection from our image library, or you can upload one of your own. You can also add in a header image, again either from our library, or your own.

4. Select a closing date and time for your Collection Pot.

5. Your Pot will then be live and ready to start collecting. Simply share the Collection Pot link with friends, family or colleagues.

6. When your Pot closes, your recipient will receive an email inviting them to log in and start spending their collection. The Collection Pot catalogue offers a selection of online, high street and local retailers. For charity collections funds will be transferred to the charity’s nominated and verified bank account.

Donation Updates: You can see updates on the days remaining until the Pot closes, the donations made and total funds raised.

Donating to a pot: Click the ‘add to this pot’ button. By clicking this you can select an amount to give.

Messages: The message wall shows you all the messages left with each donation. The lucky recipient will see all of these when they redeem their pot.

Sharing links to a pot: Getting your Collection donators engaged is the key to success. The handy links at the bottom left of the page show how to share your Pot across social media, email and WhatsApp.

Are you ready – create your Collection Pot today!

message wall

Phil Davis

Good luck Emma, we will miss you

Danny Hearnah

Go for it Em, will be so sad without you

Dani Stevens

Please don't go - there is still time to change your mind

Rachael Hayward

Emma, thank you for everything. We will miss your smile x

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£1,070.00 raised

20 contributions

6 months left

Pot closes on 20th February 2021