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“We never miss a special day anymore.”

1 year ago, we realised late in the day that one of our cleaners had a birthday – and we had missed it. Rose is more than a cleaner – she comes in and brings a burst of energy with her, tells us what’s what and reminds us all the be less slovenly! (She has been known to even send the CEO down to the kitchen with his dirty cups!) She’s like a mum in the office. We passed around a collection envelope as soon as we knew but it was too late. Half the employees didn’t work that day and the others weren’t carrying cash.

We pulled together a gift but it wasn’t what she deserved. When we heard about Collection Pot we knew it was for an office like ours. Fast forward to Roses’s birthday and this year it was very different! 2 weeks before we had set up a pot for her and had raised an amazing £358! We were able to get a voucher ready and presented it to her with a bunch of flowers. We all felt brilliant and it had been so much easier for us all. We now use Collection Pot for all sorts of occasions, from leaving parties to new babies and engagements. We feel much more invested as a team when we know we’ve all gifted someone together.