Torbay Weekly working with Rowcroft Hospice

Raise for Rowcroft

Rowcroft Hospice supports adults living with life-limiting illnesses in South Devon. As a charity the vast majority of their funding comes from the incredible generosity of our local community. They are committed to making every day the best day possible for people living with life-limiting illnesses across South Devon, and providing comfort and support to families coping with the hardest days.

Irrespective of diagnosis or circumstance we want to be there for you – their services are available to all those living with a life-limiting illness over 18 years old, and their families, completely free of charge.

Torbay Weekly

The Torbay Weekly is hoping to raise £50,000 for South Devon’s Rowcroft Hospice in a Raise for Rowcroft campaign over the next year. Along with raising funds via the GivingBack campaign. You can now buy the Torbay Weekly in 120 outlets with 20p from every £1 sale going straight to the campaign.


GivingBack with Collection Pot

Torbay Weekly has partnered with Collection Pot to raise additional funds for Rowcroft Hospice- it’s really easy to use and every time you create a Collection Pot the hospice benefits, it’s as simple as that!

So if you’ve got a collection to organise at work, perhaps someone is getting married, having a baby, retiring or maybe moving on to pastures new – set up a Pot for them and help the hospice too

  • It’s easy, quick and free to create a Collection Pot
  • Add our GivingBack code – RFR001
  • When the Pot closes, the recipient gets the full value of the Pot to spend how they want
  • The good people at Collection Pot will then send Rowcroft Hospice 2% of the final total
  • It’s simple – the more Pots that are created with our GivingBack code added, the more we get to donate to the hospice

How Collection Pot works