Baby Shower Gift Ideas for New Parents

Baby showers are almost a rite of passage for new parents, that come with silly games, amusing anecdotes from other parents who have been there and done that, and unsolicited advice from people who don’t have children. But, let’s face it, it’s all about the baby gifts, because new parents are going to need baby stuff, lots of stuff that they have never even heard of before and didn’t know they needed. And they need essentials for days, like nappies, muslins, and onesies – all of which you can never have too many of.

Whether you are looking for gift ideas for a shower you have been invited to, or perhaps you’re the new parent just working through the copious amount of research to get you up to speed before the baby arrives, here are a few ideas of baby products worth getting.

Baby shower gift ideas

The gift basket

This is a classic that can be reinvented by the range of products chosen, or by theme/category, such as baby’s first week at home with gentle laundry products, baby bath and grooming kits (including the nasal aspirator, often known as the snot or bogey sucker), or the gift of sweet dreams with sleep-inducing products (lavender-infused items work well).

A pamper pack / survival kit

For the new Mummy and Daddy: they often get forgotten about because everyone loves to buy cute little outfits and cuddly toys, but it’s the parents who really need rest and relaxation!

The big-ticket baby item

You must really like the new parents or be related to them to purchase one of these. Consider a bassinet/Moses basket, high chair, baby bouncer, rocking chair, a baby bed, portable baby bed, car seat, baby monitor/camera if you want to really win brownie points.

The sleep sack / bag

The ones made from merino are nice – to keep baby safe and warm while sleeping.

The cover-up

A versatile cotton blanket to cover for breastfeeding, carrier and car seat too.


Yes, that’s right – jackets that swaddle baby into the parent, baby wraps / slings, kangaroo pouches, newborn holder / carrier, and more.

The changing station

When something bad rolls into town and you need to change that baby at home or on the go – consider changing mats, diaper (nappy) genie or a changing table.

For the kitchen

Food/bottle warmer, bottle sanitiser, and other baby appliances (anything Philips AVENT), bottles, dummies, baby bowls, cups, spoons, etc.

Baby entertainment and activities

Baby-safe stuffed animals, cuddle cloths, visual books and noise-making toys, electronic educational toys, baby gym, baby swing, johnny jump-up – the possibilities are endless.

For the nursery

A mobile and bedding set, nightlights / lamps or reusable baby wipes (known as cloths).

Sentimental keepsakes

From albums through to mould-casting kit for feet and hands.

Well, as you can tell – the list goes on and on. (Have you ever travelled with a baby? A 16th-century monarch’s entourage travelled with less.)

Whatever the scope of baby product options there are, selecting a gift can be personal and some items will need the individual parent’s input, e.g. stroller, diaper bag, model of breast pump, nursery theme. These types of items should either come with gift exchange cards or having had previous discussions with the end-users.

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