Collect Money for a Retirement Gift

A present so perfect, it is almost as if they chose it themselves. From gardening gloves to gift cards, leave it to the retiree to choose how to spend their Pot.

A collection to celebrate a lifetime of work. Goodbye tension, hello pension.

Let them know how special they are in a short video or written message that they can cherish! Get started now by creating a free Pot for someone remarkable today.

Design a Pot

Cas is retiring
Max is leaving us!

Customise your Pot

Choose your own images and decide whether to make the total raised public. Select the Pot's closing date and time to ensure Jim finds out at exactly the right moment!
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Jim's Retirement Collection

Share the link around

Just for you

Each Pot comes with a unique sharing link that you can customise to your heart's content. Simply copy and paste the link and share it with your buddies in whatever way tickles your fancy - whether it's by email, text, WhatsApp, or even by printing a funky QR code to add to a poster or invite.

Get contributions

Add to a Pot from anywhere!

Wherever you are in the world, contributing is easy; you don’t need an account – pay in with Visa, Mastercard, Apple or Google Pay! Don’t forget to leave a message or photo on the wall when you add in!

How to spend a Pot

Gift Cards
Instant Transfers

Once your Pot closes you, or your recipient, will be sent an email with a link to redeem the Pot where you can mix and match your spend at 60+ retailers.

Instantly transfer to your bank account – via Visa or Mastercard card* for free.

**We work with most major banks, however some exclusions apply, please see our FAQs for more.

Key Features

Message Wall

Leave a message in the Pot to let them know how much you’ll miss them!


Customise the Pot by adding your own avatar and cover photo.

Hide individual contributions and the overall total

Individual contribution amounts are never shown, but you can also hide the total raised from the Pot.

Express delivery to the recipient

We'll send the Pot via email as soon as it closes. The recipient will then be able to see all the messages and spend the total as they choose.

We are here to help

Contact us if you need support, and we'll be on hand to assist with any Pot queries.
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Don't just take our word for it

Don't just take our word for it

this user gave us 5 stars
Collection Pot is just so easy to use
Collection Pot is just so easy to use. I created one for my boys leaving at work and everyone thought it was a gre...
BBennett 2 hours ago
this user gave us 4 stars
it would have been five stars
it would have been five stars but struggled to claim the pot once closed but may have been a Google Catcha issue
Paul Claxton 5 hours ago
this user gave us 5 stars
very good experience and I would definitely use it again and suggest it to family, friends and colleagues
It was very easy to set up and I love the choice of either gift cards or "cash" into the recipients account especi...
Dionne Fearon 10 hours ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Fantastic Idea
Great way to collect for any event or special occasion, easy to set up, easy to contribute, like that you can leav...
Susan Martin 11 hours ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Super easy to set up and share
Super easy to set up and share! It made birthday collections at work much easier. I would definitely recommend. It...
Christina 15 hours ago
this user gave us 4 stars
Great idea
Great idea. Had a few technical issues when we were trying to withdraw the money. All in all it's a good service.
Carole Blackrock 20 hours ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Easy great
Such a great easy way for work collections and gifts.
Mrs White 1 day ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Very easy to use
Very easy to use, with all the features that I wanted. Couldn't really ask for anything better, TBH, and would us...
Mark Dodgson 1 day ago
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