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Wendy Carter, the visionary behind Collection Pot, had an aha moment after years of working with big corporate teams and dealing with the headache of those “secret” collection envelopes. One day, she overheard two co-workers grumbling about always having to chip in for office collections. It was at that moment Wendy thought, "there must be a better way to make collecting for special occasions a more joyous experience." And hey presto! Collection Pot was born.

Get ready to say goodbye to dull, outdated collection methods, and hello to Collection Pot. Whether you're planning a group celebration, expressing appreciation for a co-worker, or just spreading some cheer, Collection Pot has got you covered. Our worldwide compatibility for contributing, smooth and effortless payment options, and the ability to send directly to the recipient, Collection Pot is your ultimate solution for all your group gifting needs.

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