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A Collection That Says Thanks for Being You

Tell them how incredible they have been! For all parents, teachers, hosts and other super humans, this one is to say thanks to YOU.

The Pot that says more than just thank you.

Whether collecting for something in mind or to send straight on for the recipient to choose, this is the Pot for you. A little Pot designed to pack a big punch (in the best way possible).

Design a Pot

For all you have done!

Customise your Pot

Choose your own images and decide whether to make the total raised public. Select the Pot's closing date and time to ensure Mrs Pots finds out at exactly the right moment!
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Sending a HUGE thank you to Mrs Pots!

Share the link around

Just for you

Each Pot comes with a unique sharing link that you can customise to your heart's content. Simply copy and paste the link and share it with your buddies in whatever way tickles your fancy - whether it's by email, text, WhatsApp, or even by printing a funky QR code to add to a poster or invite.

Get contributions

Add to a Pot from anywhere!

Wherever you are in the world, contributing is easy; you don’t need an account – pay in with Visa, Mastercard, Apple or Google Pay! Don’t forget to leave a message or photo on the wall when you add in!

Turn your Pot into a Group Card

Your Pot doubles as a group card. Easily transform the messages left on the digital message wall, to send as a printed card. Simply order and pay with the money in your Pot.

How to spend a Pot

Gift Cards
Instant Transfers
Flowers & Hampers

Once your Pot closes, you or your recipient will be sent an email with a link to redeem the Pot where you can mix and match your spend at 60+ retailers.

Instant transfer to a UK bank account - via Visa or Mastercard debit card* for free.

*We work with most UK major banks, however some exclusions apply, see FAQs for more.

Order flowers and hampers and pay with your Pot. Pick flowers direct from your local florist and order from a range of magnificent hampers!

Plus, save 5% on on your order in July with promo code JULY5. Terms apply.

Key Features

A little note to say a BIG thanks

Write a message in the Pot to let the recipient know just how grateful you are for them!

Time to customise!

Jazz up your Pot by adding your own avatar and cover photo.

Send direct to your recipient

We'll email the recipient as soon as the Pot closes so you can choose when it hits their inbox!

Fix the amount that you pay in

Perfect for when have a set present in mind you want to share.

We are here to help

Contact us if you ever need support and we'll be on hand to assist with any Pot queries.
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Don't just take our word for it

Don't just take our word for it

this user gave us 5 stars
Perfect end of term collection
A great way to collect for end of term thank you. I put the link on school group WhatsApp and the parents use it ...
Amy Alexander 7 hours ago
this user gave us 4 stars
Super easy to use and edit would highly…
Super easy to use and edit would highly recommend
HP 11 hours ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Very easy to use
Second year using collection pot for teacher collection, very easy to use, will definitely use again!
Itz.cara.x 12 hours ago
this user gave us 4 stars
Made it easy
Made it easy to collect money separately from my own account
Customer 12 hours ago
this user gave us 5 stars
The perfect way to arrange a class gift
A great way to be able to collect on mass for the teachers end of year gifts. The choices of vouchers is amazing a...
Jane Gleeson 14 hours ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Great service
Great service! Easy and straightforward, that’s what we love👍🏼🙌🏼
Karyna Lavruk 1 day ago
this user gave us 5 stars
A fantastic collection pot for joint gifts
I really good platform for collection of money for teachers gifts. Easy to use and easy to share with a group. Eve...
Tam 1 day ago
this user gave us 5 stars
I would use it next year! brilliant!
Using collection pot to gather contributions to our class teachers thankyou gift, was SO simple and a great platfo...
Claire B-C 1 day ago
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