Designing a Baby Shower Invite

After you have all the wording sorted, it is time to start thinking about the design of your baby shower invitations. You want your invitations to be beautiful and reflect the theme of the baby shower. If you are stuck for ideas, there are plenty of baby shower invitation templates available online. Once you have found a design you love, simply add your text and personalise it.  

The style of the event can inform the design. Here are some ideas:

Travel theme

Did Mum and Dad meet travelling? ‘It’s time for (Mum and Dad’s names) newest adventure…it’s the biggest yet!   


‘Pop a bottle for baby (surname!)’. ‘Three cheers for baby (name)’. ‘Just 4 months until (Mum’s name) can enjoy a well-earned drink!  

Diamonds / Jewels

‘The gem of the family is nearly here.’ / Celebrate precious (baby name). 


‘Our little love is on the way!’ 


‘A star is being born….(due date)’ 

‘Times nearly up!’

Image of a time and a bun in the oven

Playing games?

How about an invite with baby clothes hanging on a washing line or baby bottles in a row?  

Sharing memories and enjoying food? 

A baby photo of the parents with the words ‘baby (name) is on the way’ could be a nice invite.

As you can see, there are so many ways to make a baby shower invite feel personal.  

Next – it’s time to think about the wording!  

Traditional baby shower invite wording

If you are hosting a traditional baby shower, it is customary to include the name of the baby shower host on the invitation.  For example, “please join us for a baby shower honouring Jane Doe.” – Edward and Julie Doe. We would be thrilled for you to join us as we celebrate before our due date in (month.)  

Join us at (location) from (time – end).  

We value you coming to share this special day with us. If you would like to bring a gift, we would appreciate small tokens such as vests, hats, bath time treats or cuddly toys, or you can contribute to our baby Collection Pot at this link: (LINK).

Fun baby shower invite wording

If you are wanting something that’s a little more fun, why not try these?  

“Ever wanted to eat a cupcake in the shape of a nappy? Perhaps you’ve always wondered if you could identify baby Edward or Julie (Mum/ Dad’s name) from celebrity babies? Join us for an afternoon of games and fun to celebrate the arrival of a wonderful new addition to the family. Time: Location:” 

“We all know that Julie would love a bottle of (favourite drink) for after the birth so feel free to bring a bottle and if you’d like to contribute to a baby gift with us, please add to the Collection Pot at this link: (LINK).”

Surprise baby shower invite wording

If you are making a baby shower invitation for a surprise baby shower, you will want to word the invitation a bit differently. In this case, you would not include the name of the person who is having the baby on the invitation. 

“We wanted to surprise Julie with a celebration of her pregnancy and baby (surname), due (month of due date). Please join us for a surprise baby shower packed with games, gifts, and memories for our friend!  

Time: Location: 

We all know that Julie would never ask for anything, so we are surprising her again! If you’d like to contribute to a baby gift with us, please add to the Collection Pot at this link: (LINK).  

Don’t forget this is a secret baby shower, so make sure you ‘keep mum!’

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