20 Amazing Christmas Gifts for Colleagues

Christmas gifts for colleagues are always tricky. Whether you are doing ‘Secret Santa’ and you need a gift for a colleague you don’t know very well, or you need to buy a gift for someone you love working with – you need some failsafe ideas for colleague gifts that don’t break the bank but still raise a smile. Consider the universe this Christmas when you choose your Christmas gifts and bring a smile to everyone.

At Collection Pot, we’ve seen good colleague gifts – and some that are very bad (even offensive!)

So, what are the amazing Christmas gifts for colleagues you can rely on and procure easily? 

1. The gift card

The ever-popular gift card remains great for many reasons, e.g. monetary value, convenience, and choice. If you forget to organise Christmas early or don’t have time to shop, a plastic-free e-version is virtually instant delivery.

2. Gift basket of goodness

A great choice for people who love snacks, variety, and tasting new flavours. You can make it themed for an event or to taste, e.g., movie night or sweet and sour, etc. This holiday put a little twist in the traditional gift basket and only purchase items that are ethical, sustainable, plastic-free, and zero-waste.

3. Gin is in

For the celebratory Christmas tipple, look to Silent Pool Distillers. They have beautiful gift boxes with gin, glassware, candles, tumblers, and more to inspire the perfect present for your workmates. A fun fact is they use glass stoppers as part of their pro-sustainability campaign.

4. Take note

For the prolific notetaker or writer in the office, look to the Honeycomb decomposition notebook. It is 100% recycled and uses soy ink. Combine it with a cool pen and pencil for the perfect gift.

5. The coffee connoisseur

Rave coffee is for the coffee lovin’ eco-warrior. This coffee proclaims it’s all about “taste, quality & sustainability”. Try its taster packs of different blends. Pair with a cool work mug and plunger, and coffee club is on. Rave comes with the BBC Good Food Expert tick of approval too.

6. ‘Life’s a box of chocolates’ 

You almost can’t go wrong with chocolate, as long as it is ethically sourced. And just to ensure that your allergy bases are covered, Playin Choc’s JustChoc Box is organic, and free from dairy, nut, gluten, soy, and plastic with its compostable packaging!

7. Pamper pack 

Lush is well-known for its sensory, whimsical beauty range as well as its stand against animal cruelty. Pamper a lucky workmate with a holiday-themed Lush gift pack.

8. Make it personal

Business is personal, especially during the holiday season, so say Merry Christmas with a personalised memento of branded chocolates, bubbly, clothing, gifts for the home or office, and more.

9. Zen scents

Think aromatherapy and candles, essential oils, calming inhalers, and aromatherapy jewellery for the holistic-minded colleague.

10. Gift of benevolence

Organise volunteer days and enable your team to give back to the community or establish a company-wide charitable giving/volunteering platform. 

11. Garden delight

Thinking ahead to the warmer months, and for the office ‘Green-thumb Gertie,’ consider seed bombs to attract butterflies, birds, and bees. Or cultivate one’s own beehive and play your part for conservation.

12. Offline in the open-plan

Noise-cancelling earphones for the noisy, open-plan office space, or to drown out that one colleague who crunches on a carrot every day. If you buy them for no one else, treat yourself.

13. Bye-bye ‘brown bags’

Buy a Stainless steel lunch box for the colleague who likes to bring a packed lunch every day, it’s a thoughtful gift and promotes zero waste. You can also choose a bento style with multiple tiers. Pair it with some bamboo cutlery and a ‘to go’ bag, like Notabag, and lunch is all but covered.

14. The Christmas countdown

An advent calendar to give your ‘Secret Santa’ gift early. This is ideal for the colleague who hums holiday tunes around the office and wears their Christmas jumper before it is socially acceptable. 

15. The merry mad

For the Christmas-crazed colleague who can’t get enough holiday decorations and bric-a-brac, shop for him or her at Wildwood Cornwall for the perfect item.

16. Cosy slippers

If your workplace culture allows people to roam around in comfy slippers, you can purchase sustainable and vegan slippers for your team to relax in the breakout room.

17. Meaningful membership

Give the gift of membership to that wished-for activity, your colleague is always mentioning from their bucket list, e.g. dance, cooking, painting, yoga, etc.

18. Plant pals

The office space always craves oxygen-creating greenery to brighten the neutral tones. Give the gift of plant life with a vibrant desk plant or cactus.

19. The conscientious shopper

For the colleague who only shops fair trade, choose a gift voucher from these Fair Trade certified brands.

20. Comfy socks 

Sometimes the joke of the Christmas presents, but actually, they are a great gift if they are fun, ‘feel good’ socks. Try Bare Kind’s animal socks or John’s Crazy Socks. Both have a worthy mission that supports charities, and they have cool socks.

Are you ready to be the one who always gets Christmas Gifts for Colleagues that are just perfect? You might be put in charge of the companies’ annual gift selection if you keep on getting it just right! Why not make a Collection Pot instead? From a team reward to a treat for that boss who’s made hybrid work brilliant, it’s a great way to connect everyone.

Elaine Keep

Elaine Keep is an accomplished content writer with over 15 years of experience in the field of marketing and content creation for many leading brands, where she shares her passion for research and helping others through her articles. You can also find her in 'mum mode', walking in the countryside or enjoying the dreamy combo of a new non-fiction book with a tea and chocolate bar to hand.

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