Collection Pot launch real-time pay-outs via Visa Direct 

Collection Pot, powered by CashFlows, can now distribute real-time funds through Visa Direct.

Collection Pot have launched the first digital group collecting solution in Europe to incorporate Visa Direct, enabling rapid disbursement of funds to family, friends, colleagues and charities.

The adoption of Visa Direct further enhances Collection Pot as an innovative proposition making it easy for remotely located teams to get involved in collections for their colleagues, knowing there is a secure redemption option.

Donations can be added from anywhere at any time. And now there’s a new way for beneficiaries to receive funds collected on their behalf. In addition to a broad range of gift cards and e-codes, beneficiaries can also receive funds directly into their bank account in real-time, thanks to Visa Direct.

Wendy Carter, CEO and Founder, Collection Pot said “Collection Pot is among the first group collecting platform globally to adopt pay-outs via Visa Direct. At a time when families and friends can’t be together, colleagues working remotely, and charities and community organisations are needed more than ever, being able to quickly send funds really adds value to our users.”

Amanda Mesler, CEO at Cashflows, said: “As a result of the Coronavirus, many more people have become reliant on digital payments. We’re pleased to partner with Collection Pot to be at the forefront of making remote, digital group collecting platform a reality for both collectors and recipients.”

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, new arrival, charity or community event, Collection Pot makes group collecting simple and fun. Creating a personalised Collection Pot takes minutes and is free to set up. It’s so easy to share the link with family, friends and colleagues to start building your collection.