What to Write In a Teacher’s Farewell Card

Oh dear, leaving cards…mind blank. We’ve all been there! Made doubly difficult when the person leaving is your child’s teacher, whom they adore but you don’t know at all (“thanks a lot, global pandemic”). 

You’ve navigated breaking the news to your child. You’ve dealt with your own panic about their replacement. You’ve tackled the first bit, and taken the hassle and risk away from teacher gifting by setting up a Collection Pot (clever you), but what to write in the leaving card, or on the Collection Pot page? How do you put “Oh my god, I’m devastated you’re leaving because you’re amazing and you taught my wildling child how to sit still for 5 goddamn minutes and tackle a book” into words? 

As parents will know, teacher gifting has turned into a competitive sport over the years, but with more and more teachers now saying they like to see sentiment over spend, how do you strike the right note when it comes to the farewell card? Mumsnet survey of teachers and teaching assistants found nearly two thirds would like to receive a heartfelt personal note from their pupils.

So, as your Collection Pot grows in the background, we’ve gathered some ideas to help you put pen to paper and give the teachers what they really want;

Sentimental messages for teachers

From parents

  1. Ben was so lucky to have you as a teacher, he’s flourished in your class.
  2. Thank you for creating such a wonderful environment for Ben to learn in.
  3. We are truly thankful for all your moral support and guidance this year.
  4. You have helped Ben to find enjoyment in learning and we can’t thank you enough.
  5. You took our non-reader and gave us back a bookworm, we are so grateful for your perseverance. 

From students

  1. I will never forget you Mr Jones.
  2. You challenged me to challenge myself. I found out what I’m truly capable of.
  3. I’m so grateful for your help and guidance.
  4. You’ve helped me to become a more confident person, I can’t thank you enough.
  5. You have made a massive difference to my life, thank you.

And for the comedians amongst you

  1. Excellent teacher. Would highly recommend.
  2. Good luck finding better students than us!
  3. You ‘tortoise’ well.
  4. Thanks for wiping my bum and putting up with my parents. (For the early years).
  5. I got you a nicer card than this but the dog ate it on my way to school.

Ah, let’s face it, teachers rock, don’t they? They deserve a huge thank you for what they do! What better way to say it than by giving your teacher what they really want, some heartfelt words, coupled with a choice of over 60 gift vouchers, or an option of cash.

Collection Pots take less than 3 minutes to set up and best of all, you can club together with other parents, or students and get something fantastic to say farewell to the best teacher ever. Goodbye £5 box of chocs and hello Teach, here’s £150, treat yourself!  

Elaine Keep

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