Great Retirement Gifts for Men

Spending years in a job means it’s only right to be recognised! If you’ve found this because you want to start getting gifts for someone’s retirement, we truly believe this is the only guide for retirement gifts you need!

The retirement age for men in the UK is around 65, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to wind down! Famous faces around 65 include Ice-T and Ray Romano, Tom Cruise is 61 and Johnny Depp is close at 60! So, when you think of retirement gift ideas for men, it doesn’t need to be about soft slippers and gardening sets! 

Retirement is a time for celebration and, really, time to take the hard-won earnings and enjoy them in a brand new chapter. While many retirement gift guides focus on classic items such as glassware, whiskey or timepieces (which are great) there may be something more personal for him. 

Not confident that choosing gifts for men retiring is your thing? That’s a great reason for you to set up a  Collection Pot. Give him messages of thanks and celebration, all with a generous Pot to see him off with the perfect treat that he can pick himself, including 100’s of gift cards, or cash into his bank account. 

Retirement gifts he will love

Search ‘gifts for retired men’ or ‘retirement presents for man’, and as mentioned, it’s going to bring back all manner of items more suitable for a man in his 90s rather than in his 60s! 

That’s why we recommend that if you are searching for gifts, look under the type of person they are. Instead of searching for generic retirement gifts, you could search for gifts for keen guitarists, cyclists, travellers or painters. Treat it like you would at Christmas or his birthday. This makes the retirement gift super personal rather than generic. 

Start asking questions now. Why not ask ‘what are you going to spend most of your time doing?’ ‘Are you planning any trips?’ ‘Who will you spend your time with?’ This can help you understand whether the retirement of their dreams is relaxing on the canal side or charging up and down the country reconnecting with friends.

If you’re unable to ask, consider the research from Reassured which have shown that the top 10 hobbies for retirees are: 

Suggestions beyond the typical hobbies were making homemade wines, going to the pub, caravanning, modelling railways, family genealogy and recording music. 

Ideal gifts for new hobbies

If he is very much the pub-going, winemaking and modelling type, then these gifts will be a hit. When you think of retired gifts for men, think what you might like to do with the year ahead! Perhaps a hobby springs to mind? There’s a chance it’s a hit with him too! 

When you create a Pot through Collection Pot, the balance can be redeemed at Currys, Apple, TK Maxx, and Virgin Experiences, allowing for a huge range of relaxing hobbies to be fully catered to!

Guatemalan Wine Rack

Gifts for music lovers

He might have expressed an interest in getting back into music. There are so many great options, whether he wants to get back into gigs, wants to perform himself or simply experience new sounds on a long walk.

Turn table with vinyl

Gifts for getaway lovers 

Does he have plans to explore more of the UK, seeing friends and family or is he taking time for a new adventure? If he is speeding up instead of slowing down? Consider a thoughtful gift in the area of travel and culture. A Collection Pot can be redeemed on gift cards for many adventurous ideas. Travel related items are really strong retirement gift ideas for men. 

They may take a trip with Airbnb UK or a travel exclusive. If they prefer shorter experience days, then they will love Virgin Experience or National Trust also opens up a huge range of adventures right on his doorstep! 

You may also like to consider: 

Here are the gift cards he can cash out his Collection Pot balance on: 

Timelapse of stargazers by a lake

Gifts for the great outdoors 

Does he have a passion for getting outdoors? Gifts for retirement can be around a hobby or can set him up for new adventures. A Collection Pot balance can be checked out at Nike, Adidas UK, JD Sports, Sports Direct and Decathlon GB. Alternatively, you might like to choose from one of the following ideas. 

Gifts for foodies 

Does he want to start getting into cooking in a big way? Whether he is going to finally get that big BBQ he has dreamed of or has plans to entertain more frequently, there are loads of ideas for someone to incorporate into their foodie rituals. Perhaps you could gift them something to go along their new food passion? Is he a spirit fan? Or does he seem like he’d prefer some beers, or even cocktails? 

Hamper with cheese and honey

Remember that a Collection Pot balance can be cashed out on gift cards for ASK Italian UK, Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, Wagamama and Zizzi!

Classic retirement gifts every man will like

Want to get it 100% right? We think that these are the treats you can give that will always be appreciated by any man in retirement age, whether he is blasting up a BBQ or a motorbike or planning on downtime in his new quiet chapter. 

A timepiece or watch 

It’s a classic for a reason, and a watch is a sentimental piece that can stand the test of time. A watch marks the passage of time, can be used daily, can be engraved and also feels substantial. 

Our best picks? 

At under £50, this twin-opening engraved pocket watch with mechanical mechanism and a window at the back which allows you to see the working mechanism. It’s stylish and timeless. A Tissot is another great choice. The Mens PRX Retro Watch is around £300 and boasts a retro look that will suit any age or interest. 

If they are into sports, they may want a Garmin watch. Fenix 7x is well worth looking at, with a stylish brown strap and a simple face for a classic look. If you have over £500 to spend, stick with Tissot, or explore Gucci for a more modern classic. 

Personalised gifts 

Sometimes a personalised gift can be the ideal ticket for gifts for retired men that don’t feel generic. Explore some of the items on places like notonthehighstreet. Our picks? This Personalised Retirement Blue Plaque comes beautifully wrapped and will make him smile. We also love the hand-drawn personalised prints of his office, which evoke lots of emotion, and he may actually want to hang up. This personalised sundial is a wonderful touch if he is getting into the outdoors, and this large leather retirement book to enclose memories and photos in will ensure there is no dry eye in the house. 

A Collection Pot is the perfect retirement gift for him 

Still unsure of retirement gift ideas for men that will really hit the mark? Play it safe and sound with a Collection Pot. It really is the best way to give a gift from a group for his retirement. A present so perfect can be hard to pick, but with a Collection Pot, they can get whatever they desire, from gardening gloves to gift cards, leaving it to the retiree to choose how to spend their Pot. The best part? It’s free to set up a Collection Pot for his retirement!  Get your colleagues to leave a message on the message wall to let them know how much you’ll miss them, customise it with videos and gifs, and we’ll send the Pot via email as soon as it closes, for the perfect send-off.

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