How to ask for a honeymoon fund

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Getting married is one of the most exciting days of your life and to celebrate your big day, many of your nearest and dearest will want to mark the occasion with a gift. Times have changed from the traditional days of gifting pots and pans at a wedding, and more couples are asking for exactly what they want. But asking for money can feel a little uncomfortable, so if you’re thinking about asking for contributions towards your dream honeymoon fund, keep reading. 

Whilst it’s more common to ask for money now than ever, finding the right words to ask your wedding guests to contribute towards a honeymoon fund can sometimes feel awkward. To avoid any uncomfortable faux pas, here are some things to keep in mind. 

When should you ask for a honeymoon fund?

Firstly, decide where you plan to address the topic of gifts with your wedding guests. Alongside asking family and friends to share that you’d prefer honeymoon fund contributions as a wedding gift, it’s a good idea to provide guests with clear information about your gift plans and preferences. You might choose to include a line or QR code on your wedding invitation, or you can add the details of your honeymoon fund on your wedding website. Rather than overthinking what to say about presents, don’t over-formalise your wording and write your honeymoon fund request in a way that sounds natural to you as a couple.

If you’re not sure about how to get your honeymoon fund up and running, here at Collection Pot, we’ve put together a handful of creative ideas to help get you started.

Create a honeymoon fund website

Having a specific honeymoon fund website can be a perfect way to bring guests into your plans and your hopes for your honeymoon. Wondering what to write on a honeymoon fund page? Use your site to write a short note explaining why you’ve decided to collect a honeymoon fund and by sharing a few details about your honeymoon plans, so that guests can feel excited about helping you turn your plans into a reality. 

A honeymoon pot with ideas about your plans can also act as a pointer for any guests asking how much they should give at a wedding, as whether you’re planning a honeymoon in the UK or a far flung tropical destination, guests can contribute towards a drink, meal out or activity for you to enjoy.

Collect money digitally for your honeymoon

Organising a group collection for your honeymoon fund can be seamless with Collection Pot. When it comes to setting up a moneypool, we’re the experts and we make it as easy as possible for you to collect money gifts digitally from your guests through a simple to use, personalised page. Write your guests a short message about your honeymoon plans, and collect your gift fund in one, easy to access place. 

Write a honeymoon fund poem

If you want to inject a bit of humour into your request for contributions, a honeymoon fund poem can be a light hearted way to give your guests a laugh and communicate your gift preferences in a manner that isn’t too serious. That being said, simply copying and pasting a poem you find online can be a little bit cringey, so choose words that feel authentic to you.

Create a honeymoon fund box

For any artistic couples, one way to present your honeymoon fund is to create a beautiful, physical box to display at your wedding for any guest contributions towards your fund. Create a real life honeymoon fund box alongside a honeymoon fund website so that guests can choose whether to contribute online or in cash. We live in a cashless society so it’s worth adding a QR code to link to your online bank details too. 

Want a personalised, secure and easy way to bring friends & family together to collect your honeymoon fund? Use Collection Pot!

Start Collecting in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a pot in less than three minutes and set a deadline for people to contribute. It is free to create a Collection Pot for a special wedding day or civil partnership ceremony. Personalise your collection by adding an image, add a few words about your collection and the special couple, set your closing date and time. It’s worth setting this a week after the wedding to give people time after the event too.
  1. Invite people to contribute via email, Whatsapp or social media using your unique link.
  1. Once the pot is closed, it’s up to you to get spending. Cash your pot in as cash, select from over 60 gift cards including John Lewis and Airbnb or donate to a charity that is close to your heart. 

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