How To Make Employees Happy In The Workplace

employees being happy in the workplace

It’s the question asked by every manager – how to make employees happy in the workplace. Employee happiness has never been so important, but what are the long-term and short-term ways to help move your team from ‘zoomed out’ to ‘in the zone’? Employee happiness, also known as employee engagement can be tackled with just a few tweaks. 

Short-Term Ways To Make Employees Happy In The Workplace 

– Say thank you and celebrate every win, big or small

– Give your employees extra holidays as a rule, not a reward – time is a precious commodity

– Benefits people need and want, e.g. health insurance, pension contribution, structured incremental wage boosts and bonuses that are achievable

– Fair and equal work packages – sharing the load evenly and equal and equitable remuneration thwarts resentment

– Offer incentives worth something, e.g. personalised rewards, well-being, and discount packages, agility and flexibility

– Host the occasional work breakfast, lunch, coffee date, and team social event, not just at Christmas

– Create a versatile and comfortable workspace with a cool café and breakout space

– Social clubs – let the employees come up with the pastimes they’re interested in to create clubs with buy-in

– The talent show and share – celebrate the individual because everyone comes with their strengths and weaknesses, then use that talent by offering opportunity and understanding

– Establish a suggestion box for ideas and complaints that is checked regularly and all entries considered. Mention these in team meetings and explain the consideration given, applaud the merit, and incorporate those you can. And always address the concerns thoughtfully and offer genuine support where needed

– Offer consistent and positive feedback with the wins and the learning opportunities – it’s only a loss or a mistake when we fail to take note and learn from the ‘oops’ moments 

– Get involved – jump into the fray along with your employees, because you should be in it together

Long-Term Strategies To Make Employees Happy In The Workplace 

– Create an all-inclusive culture where signing up is exciting – make it everyone’s business, make them proud to be included, and make the journey together fun

– Cultivate empathy through encouragement

– Transparency, honesty and the big picture – share strategic information with your employees to let them know the what, who, where, why, and how

– Team meetings and one-on-ones – individual contributions create teamwork. Through input comes output – the share, listen, learn, and do method everyone should follow

– Communication and expectation are two-way streets – when you fail at one, you lose focus on the other

– Invest in your employees’ future, not just their present – offer long-term personal development

– Develop a clear career path for each employee based on their feedback and aspirations

Strategic plans are important, but their fruition is crucial. If you want and need more from your employees, show them the weight of your word and that they are worth your investment.

We hope that you now have a range of ideas on how to make employees happy at work that you can put into action today and improve your company culture.