In Memory Quotes: Remembering a Loved One

When someone we love dies, it’s only natural for us to want to remember them. We might want to hang on to every little detail about them, or maybe we just want to keep their memory alive in our hearts. One way to do this is by sharing quotes and extracts to honour a loved one. You might want to write a condolence card, set up a Collection Pot fund to help a grieving loved one receive messages, or leave a message on flowers. What phrases and words can be used?

Struggling with the right words?

What to write to someone who is grieving?

What to write in memory of someone

Raising money in memory of a loved one

If you want to raise money in memory for a cause or towards a memorial bench or plaque, Collection Pot makes it easy to set up and manage a fund. You can start collecting in minutes and the funds can either go to a friend, family member or chosen charity. Setting up a fund is free, and you can create a wall of in loving memory messages or offer some solace and comfort during a difficult time.

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