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If you want to celebrate someone’s life, you need a perfect memorial gift. But we know in memory gifts are not easy to choose. The emotion of the loss means that it can be hard to find something at all, never mind an item that’s unique or personalised which feels just right.

How to Choose The Right Thing

At Collection Pot we see in-memory collections set up every day, and so have been able to take a look at the gifts people choose. We also have our own experiences to draw on, so we hope this article can help you find the item that can go some way to celebrating the life of someone special. 

From custom-made in memory gifts to top sellers that are a safe bet, we’ve thought of everything possible to help you cherish the memories you have.

Common Memorial Gifts

There are some common memorial gifts that you may like to choose from that are likely to be appreciated by almost everyone. 

Memorial Bench

A memorial bench, engraved with words that speak to the departed and what they stood for is a lovely way of remembering a loved one. A memorial bench can be purchased for a local park or beauty spot (speak to your local council) – but it is also increasingly common that a bench is purchased for your own garden, or that of a family member. 

For those with no space, a small ornament of a memorial bench is also an option that’s increasingly popular. The costs of a memorial bench sit around £200 to £600 and usually come with an engraving. Sizes span from a 2-seater up to 6. 

This is a globally well-understood symbol of a memorial, and whether it’s in the village you live, a garden or is represented as a small bench on a shelf, this is a great long-lasting and extremely personal gift that can make all the difference, allowing someone somewhere to go to sit or look and simply remember the person who is no longer with us.

Memorial bench positioned by body of water.

Engraved Glass

That’s why another common gift is a personalised glass crystal with an engraving. The wonders of photo manipulation nowadays mean that any photo that is of good enough quality can be placed inside a crystal engraved glass, usually, this is in the shape of a heart. However, there are many options available from footballs to simple rectangles and we have found these are priced very reasonably considering the personalisation – typically under £60. This is a great way to transfer and transform a special photo of choice and bring it to life. When viewed at a certain angle they do capture the person almost in motion. 

Hampers and Food Boxes

Food treats are one of the most popular sympathy gifts and it feels practical and helpful to give one. A biscuit hamper is a classic sympathy gift idea, but hampers have become really inclusive to all dietary needs and tastes and can be tailored at many online sites or stores to include a variety of treats. 

Some businesses offer a comforting bereavement package or specific memorial hampers off the shelf. These tend to include everything a person needs to take time to reflect on their loss, usually with a body or face treatment or relaxing items alongside comforts like hot chocolates, biscuits, sweet treats and a note or card. 

Unique Memorial Gifts

You may be looking for more unique memorial gifts. Here’s our pick! 

Name a star

A memorial star is a thoughtful sympathy gift that can provide comfort. This will memorialise the deceased with a named star in the universe. As well as being a unique condolence gift by design, you can even make it more unique in the way you give it – for example, it can be presented with a candle and certificate or an evening spent spotting the star itself. It feels modern and relevant – yet also timeless.

Constellation of stars shot over silhouette of trees.

Loved one within a diamond 

Many people wish to be close to a loved one, and there are services that allow ashes or samples to be added to a diamond. Typically, you will select a diamond, before sending samples to the provider. The carbon is extracted and used to grow a unique crystalline matrix, forming a personal diamond that’s cut graded and added to a piece of jewellery. There are so many options to choose from, but naturally, you need to find a business where the delivery is tracked and you feel confident you will get the result you want. This process is quite involved, so look to pay a bare minimum of £500, but likely double this. 

Lock of hair 

Many businesses offer customisable pots to keep locks of hair in or can create jewellery that contains the hair of a loved one. If this appeals, look for the style that best suits you, from engraved wooden boxes or in jewellery, pendants where the hair is either displayed in clear glass / acrylic or perhaps with a closable ‘locket’ style. 

A plant

Whether you choose an ‘at peace’ rose, a myrtle tree that symbolises love – or simply a herb or a plant that they loved in life, a plant or a memorial tree allows the memory of a dearly departed relative or friend to live close by and literally continue to bloom. 

Look for an evergreen or everlasting tree, such as a bonsai, which can honour loved ones. 

Succulents allow the memory of the loved one to stay indoors and be appreciated every single day and for those with no space, more recently small airplant kits have been developed which allow people to create a mini garden, with stones and lots of character in a small space. 

If you aren’t sure which plant to choose, an indoor plant pot may be a good halfway point.

Personalised Memorial Gifts

We love all of the ideas we mentioned, but sometimes you want something that’s more of a personalised memorial gift. Although you may be able to find a gift that expresses the love you had for the person, it can mean the world of difference to have the individual’s name or a relevant memory on the item that you choose. There are many companies that provide personalised gifts out their for remembrance gifts, but here are a few of our favourite items to look for.

Personalised sympathy papercuts

Papercut items are laser-cut paper cards that create an artwork out of the name of the individual or into a scene that represents them, or perhaps a beautiful quote.  Have a good look at places like Etsy or Not On The High Street for various sellers who can create the perfect one for you. Expect to pay between £7 – £15. 


A keyring sounds like such a simple gift, but it truly is something that you carry with you every day and make a personalised memorial gift to treasure. Many of the modern versions allow you to not only have a photo of the loved one on the front but also an important quote to remember them by, a funny saying or something else like an image of their favourite pet or sports team. This can be an item of comfort for the person who is left, and although low-cost they can become a fitting tribute.

Personalised blankets

If you are able to access their clothes, you can make a patchwork blanket out of their favourite or special items, for example, their football kit, a favourite cardigan, dress or even a thick denim jacket. This is a truly personalised item that will stand as a lasting memory. Many of the businesses who carry out this work charge a reasonably high amount – above £100 – but this includes the careful tracking of your goods, as well as specific transport needed to ensure that no item is damaged in the process of creating a marvellous, personalised blanket.

Patchwork quilt being constructed with sewing thread and scissors placed on top.

Healing journals

There have been a variety of healing journals as memorial gifts that we have found incredibly interesting. The powers of journalling and the benefits to your mental health have been proven through science. Allowing yourself to write personalised letters that will help with your grief and healing journey could make all the difference. This is one personalised memorial gift we feel is a very worthy candidate for almost everyone. 


Again, proving that the right memorial gift does not need to cost of fortune, candles are available to be personalised in all kinds of shapes and sizes, colours and scents. You could also think about personalising the container it comes in, whether that’s with a picture, a quote or words that make you think of them, this could be something well worth considering. 

There are some other ideas to consider: 

The Ultimate Memorial Gift: An In-Memory Collection Pot 

We hope you’ve got a range of meaningful gifts to consider with our ideas, but do note that it may take a few goes looking around for the perfect gift. Make sure it is something that you truly feel resonates with who they were as a person and that you’re proud to give. 

One other concept is in-memory funds. An in-memory Collection Pot is a way to create a lasting memory wall, packed with donations from well-wishers. If you’d like to club together with friends or family members, you can do so. If you’d like to use it to raise funds for a charity, that’s also possible. 

It is completely free to set up a Collection Pot and this group collection can be used to cover funeral. costs, memorial expenses or simply as a memory wall to share with friends and family. Let everyone pay tribute and share those special memories and photographs and if they wish, add a donation. 

It’s a unique, personal way to capture the best memories. 

Click to create your Pot.

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