Top Mum-to-be Gift Ideas

Mum-to-be gifts, not to be mistaken for items for baby or baby shower gifts, are thoughtful presents just for mum, to show her how special you feel she is.

Mums can often be forgotten when we concentrate on the cuteness of the little onesies and tiny shoes for the soon-to-arrive little one. Mothers can also get tired and worn out when they are putting in all of the hard yards toward growing a baby and achieving the miracle that is life.  

Gifts just for mums are a great way to remind them just how amazing they are and spoil them with a well-deserved treat. 

As such, we’ve hunted for gifts that can stand the test of time, from ready to pop mum to be, as well as a few items for a popped and rather pooped, new mum. 

Mum to be gift-givers: Who else is keen to spoil the mum in your life?

You probably won’t be the only one wanting to offer a mum-to-be present! As such, if you can find your tribe, you can choose your gift as part of a group and give a much more substantial sized gift. 

A group gift from several friends or family in the form of a group collection is easier than ever thanks to digital technology. You can now simply ping a link over on any channel where you can all contribute, and one person is not left chasing funds. Interested gift givers could include: 

Pregnant women opening gifts together.

Mum to be present types and ideas 

Mum to be presents 

Remember that a mum-to-be gift is for the mother, and they are important because they remind her that the journey she is on is not just about the baby and she shouldn’t forget that she too needs to be celebrated and made to feel special! Of course, presents for mummy can be baby-related too, such as a comfy rocking chair or a pregnancy pillow, but should have the mother’s care in mind and not be solely for the baby.

What does your mum-to-be really want and need? She might have a hobby, sport, or personal interest. Items that might have a higher sticker price but that she would really appreciate, like a DSLR camera, state-of-the-art home photo printer, a new espresso machine, or tablet. 

The choice of gift should depend on the personal preferences of the person you have in mind. Since the options are virtually limitless, we put together a handy gift list of options to explore in detail. These are a little more ‘generic’ but are likely to be well received, perfect if you are choosing for a colleague or just want to get it right. 

Mother and baby smiling together.

Curating Mum-to-Be Gift Ideas

The following selection of suggestions is based on such criteria as, ease of use, quality, value, style, and safety, which we have based on user reviews and expert opinions so that your job of finding the perfect gift is that much easier. 

Remember that before you buy a gift for mums to be, think about her likes and what gifts might fit her current lifestyle and soon-to-be reality as a new mummy. To help, explore these categories. 

Pampering Essentials 

Comforting items

Practical items 

Sentimental items

Hands holding baby feet.

When looking for a mum to be gift, remember to think about practicality and ease of use, whether it is safe to use during pregnancy, and whether it fits with the mum’s philosophy and interests. Take into account her current lifestyle and circumstances. If she’s an active person, gifts related to outdoor activities or fitness might be appreciated. On the other hand, if she’s more home-focused, consider gifts that enhance her home environment or provide comfort during pregnancy. Has she mentioned things she would like to have? If in doubt, let her choose!

Other types of mum-to-be gifts 

New mum gifts 

If the baby has arrived, then look for new mum gifts that honour her and her new lifestyle. New mum gifts we love?

Bath with candles, tea and books beside.

Push gifts 

Another type of mum-to-be gift is from the other parent of the little bundle sometimes called a ‘push’ gift to remind mum she is a beautiful individual, not just a mother to baby. These gifts might be more intimate. 

Examples to look at: 

Gifts for new mums: Think choice!

When it comes to celebrating and showing appreciation for a mum-to-be, there are various thoughtful options to consider. From a fancy ‘push’ gift to something many people club in to get her, such as a thoughtful pamper pack, each mum to be will have different tastes. 

Our top tip? Think about her personality rather than simply picking a smellies set! If she loves mountain biking or is a big foodie, get her something to use when she’s feeling up for it. After all, babies take up a lot of time and energy, and when she’s feeling more like herself again, your gift will be waiting. That being said, you can’t underestimate the joy of a comforting blanket, great bath or something that’s a treat especially in those tough last moments. 

Still unsure what to get? 

A Collection Pot could be one way to spoil the mum to be in your life, or you might choose to make a joint collection for her with others. Or, you could treat the whole family. 

Take a look at our new baby collection page to see just how easy it is to club together to welcome the little one to the world and spoil mum and dad too. 

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