The Off to Uni Pot

Do you know a keen student ready to start uni this September? Don’t miss a chance to give them a send off they will really love – pack them off to uni with a Pot! 

From August 10th – 30th September 2023, you can set up an ‘Off to Uni’ Pot with our ‘Gift Card Only’ collections, where there are NO transaction processing fees!

We’ve made a Collection Pot specifically for those students heading to uni who would love funds for all their essentials – whilst we’ve also carefully selected who those retailers are – so you know that it will be a treat that’s remembered and appreciated. 

There’s no smarter choice!

Gather together those friends, family and well wishers and see if they’d like to contribute to the send off. 

Here’s a little look at the categories your Pot can be spent on!

Food and Drink 

Every student needs sustenance, but making a great meal can come way down on the list past all the other more pressing activities! With a great range of brands including food delivery services, whether they are into whipping up cuisines in their shared kitchen or are more likely to get fries biked over in the dead of night, there’s something for everyone. 

Hands taking last 4 slices of pizza out of the box.

We also offer a range of supermarkets as well, and while they can pick up a few beverages if they wish – there’s also the chance they’ll be close to the bread and broccoli too. 


We all need a little caffeine to get us through the day, and as your student gets cramming they may turn to a tea or two or a bucket of macchiato. We’ve ensured that the Collection Pot off to uni range has all the coffee shops they’ll need. 

Students drinking coffee.


While most learning is delivered after a seminar online, who doesn’t love stationary? From A3 books for mind maps, coloured flashcards for exam season or a set of pens, we’ve made it tempting and easy for students to get the things that will keep their revision on track from retailers like WHSmiths and Waterstones.

Handwritten diary with yellow highlighter.

Home décor

We had to include the amazing superstores that have everything a student needs, like IKEA and Argos, but we’ve also added lots of other great retailers. Whether they want to deck out their halls with some little home comforts, or if they find they need more storage options a few weeks in – there are so many choices with a Collection Pot.

Student accommodation image of desk.


It’s important to keep connected – and today’s students need the best tech to stay ahead. Whether they need stream-worthy laptops or a way to get their headphones or streaming equipment changed fast when they need it, with an off to uni Pot there are plenty of great brands to ensure that your student never falls behind.

Students working at a table together.

Hobbies and Sports

It’s not all about studying – and we know students may enjoy spending time on a new hobby, hitting the gym, the trail or blowing off steam on a new active pursuit (even if they did join just for a free goodie bag from the fresher’s fair). We’ve included a range of sporty retailers so they can get well equipped as well as the leading cinema brands too.

Four students sitting on a sandy beach.

So go on – get your Pot set up today! 

It’s free and so easy to do. 

Elaine Keep

Elaine Keep is an accomplished content writer with over 15 years of experience in the field of marketing and content creation for many leading brands, where she shares her passion for research and helping others through her articles. You can also find her in 'mum mode', walking in the countryside or enjoying the dreamy combo of a new non-fiction book with a tea and chocolate bar to hand.

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