Top Honeymoon Destinations In December

If you’re planning your wedding and honeymoon, firstly, congratulations! And if you’re reading this article, we can imagine that you’re looking to plan a winter honeymoon in December. You are in luck as a December honeymoon is a magical time for many. You can finish up your work at the perfect time of year (early!) and be back in time to enjoy Christmas at home, or time it so you are away. Fancy somewhere ice cold, beautifully sunny or perfectly temperate when it comes to weather? Thankfully, you really do have a pick of it all when it comes to honeymoon destinations in December.

But where should you go? We want to take a look at the best honeymoon destinations in December that are perfect for you whatever you choose. Whether you’re interested in going stateside for a bit of Vegas nightlife, Florida sunshine, or if you simply want to enjoy a snowy Christmas market with some of the EU charm and easy accessibility from the UK, we’ve got just the ideas to get you started.

The Magic of December Honeymoons 

There’s no point shying away from it when it comes to December, funds can be tight for us all! A honeymoon in December might be hard to pull off without some great planning (and a Collection Pot!) Christmas is already on the horizon and anything with the word wedding means increased costs!

Would you like to be away before, during or after Christmas? This choice will hugely effect prices so it is best to start looking now at airfares and accommodation costs for during this time. You might want to narrow it down to a few destinations based on your preferences and work from there.

Another consideration for honeymoon destinations in December is to find out if you would like to go to multiple destination or just head to the one. Perhaps, you may want to start with a small mini-moon, before heading to a longer holiday later on in the year. Alternatively, you may find that the weather and rates in December for your honeymoon are absolutely perfect!

There’s no wrong or right answer, it is just worth thinking about. 

We asked on social media why people loved their December honeymoon. 

“I felt like we were away for ages. And we missed all the Christmas stress!” 

“We went to the Christmas markets and it just felt like a double celebration. So magical.” 

“All our work was sorted so it was a proper relaxing time for us. We also got a good deal so we went for 14 days instead of the 10 we had in mind.” 

In summary, we advise you to try and take a look at the costs before you get your heart set on any one location. Run the numbers, check the weather and whether it fits in with work. Once those factors have all been considered you are good to get booking from there!

Top Honeymoon Destinations for December


Let’s get into some of the best destinations for your break! We have already mentioned Christmas markets and we’re getting quite excited about the festive season, so let’s take a look at Prague. Some of the major low-cost airlines like easyJet and Jet2 fly directly for Prague city breaks, particularly during December.

View of Prague city at sunset with the Vltava river in the forefront.

If you’re watching your honeymoon budget, this is something that you may like to consider. Many people say that in contrast to the big markets where it’s hard to get, Prague’s Christmas market has a familiar feeling and a variety of food and beverages. Enjoy traditional Czech food, mulled wine, biscuits, chestnuts, and gingerbread, as well as juicy sausages and skewered foods before retraining for a romantic walk, theatre trip or tour. Looking in early December for two guests staying for a week, accommodation costs vary but a hotel can be around £600 in Praha, or a more agreeable £196 for an apartment in the old town.

Real recommendations of where to stay: 


When we asked people if they went away on their honeymoon in December, the common response for those who did was ‘Yes, we went to Barbados and we loved it.’. It is one of the best places to visit in December for honeymooners. While the holiday including flights may set you back a little closer to the £800 mark with British Airways, December is a really good time to visit Barbados. In fact, between December and June, the weather is the driest. Typically, with a warm tropical climate, you are never going to be too chilly in Barbados. December has a coolness and heat so you will sit between 23° and 29° in the day and evening. It is a peak tourist season but it may be worth it for this beautiful balmy weather.

Aerial view of 2 sailing boats in the ocean.

While the festivals (food and rum and Crop Over) have passed, that doens’t mean there’s nothing to do. 

Here are some of the top attractions to explore: 

Real recommendations of where to stay: 

Las Vegas

What about Las Vegas for your December honeymoon? December is a great time to head to Vegas, especially if you are not used to the heat. Even though the UK has been feeling the effects in the last year or two, Las Vegas is something else, and visiting in December is a great way to get those nine hours of sunshine, but without feeling like you are crisping over in a 200° oven!

Sunset view of Las Vegas skyline.

It’s predicted that there’s a 70% chance of it being a perfect sunny day, but even if it isn’t, there is so much to do. There are so many Las Vegas shows to enjoy. For example, you could easily enjoy shows such as the Cirque du Soleil, David Copperfield and Blue Man Group as well as magic and other art shows. you may not be able to get tickets right away, so if you are planning, plan ahead, I could also extend your honeymoon and take a New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. The entire strip will be shut down to traffic like a giant party with fireworks, choreographed, dances entertainment and packed-out nightclubs. All sound like you’ve seen? This could be the one for you.

Here are some of the top attractions to explore: 

Real recommendations of where to stay: 


Got excited when we spoke about the heat in but aren’t keen on the nightclubs and gambling of Las Vegas? Orlando could be one for you. December is the dry season and it’s not rainless but there’s less rain than in the UK and you can expect it to be usually warm and dry, sitting with a sea temperature of about 25°. 

This is a marvellous destination if you are into theme parks, and you’ll be glad to know that these are still open but tend to be a little bit quieter. 

Sunrise view of Lake Eola Park in Orlando.

Beaches are also still open and you can pack light two with only a few thicker jumpers needed for the evenings take a look at some of the local festivals, like the Orlando festival of trees and various events, the holiday shows that universal Orlando resort is probably well worth looking at if this is of interest to you, but as a honeymooner, you may want to look at a skip the line ticket, treat yourself! 

To do: Orlando

Real recommendations of where to stay: 


And how about if you want to stay in the UK? We know that a romantic honeymoon is possible in December – you just have to know where to look! The one benefit is that you know what you are getting in December. 

Okay, there is going to be a little bit of rainfall, but get the waterproofs on! Why not have a romantic mini-moon in the UK? Look at Cornwall or Hampshire or head to Yorkshire of the Lake District. 

Look for a resort where you can have a romantic getaway with lots of charm. Some ideas for your search terms include spa, hotel, beach, suite, sea views and park or golf facilities. Also take a look at indoor and outdoor pools, as places with these or spa facilities tend to offer a more luxurious experience perfect for your honeymoon, and you can filter from there in terms of locations. 

Staying in the UK could offer you the relaxing break you need with some amazing views, incredible food and no need to learn a foreign language or get a different injection either.

View of the water front at St Ives Beach, Cornwall.

What to do: 

Real recommendations of where to stay: 

Travel Tips for a December Honeymoon

When it comes to a December honeymoon, you may need to consider some additional factors such as when particular religious festivals fall! Other than that, the rest are fairly typical points to check!

That’s it! 

How to raise funds for your December Honeymoon 

Are you planning your honeymoon? We hope these December honeymoon destinations have inspired you – and now it’s time to fund them! 

Make sure to get a Collection Pot set up! 

It’s completely free to do so and you can have your honeymoon fund ready to go. 

Your guests can provide you with a gift, regardless of whether you have a plan in mind and your Collection Pot can be filled with contributions to help you kickstart your future together. Your honeymoon Pot can also be set up by you. 

Did we mention it is totally free and loved ones can contribute towards a dream, destination, or some lovely treats to get you started?!

It’s a honeymoon registry where you get to design the page, decide on timeframe, how to share it and most importantly, how to spend it! Add a unique link to your wedding invites and get contributions from anywhere in the world. When it’s time to spend, the choose as you wish!

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