Unforgettable 21st Birthday Party Ideas

You’re turning 21! That is a great age. Whether you’re from the USA and now legally allowed to neck those red cups, or if you’re welcoming in your 21st with no new legal abilities but plenty of excitement, you’re in the right place for some 21st birthday party ideas.

Back when the Saxons were around, you could become a knight at 21, if you had a rich family and an estate owed to you when you officially became an adult, it would be yours on your 21st birthday. And let’s not forget The Marriage Act of 1753 declared that at the age of 21, you no longer needed the consent of parents or guardians to marry. Nowadays, there’s not so much need to get giddy for a 21st, but we love any excuse for a party. At Collection Pot we see a whole host of Pots set up for 21st celebrations ranging from exotic retreats in dreamy locations with a gang of friends, to cozy meals and afternoon teas.

We’ve picked our favourites to share what’s on offer and to inspire your own 21st birthday celebration!

21 ideas for your 21st birthday party

1. Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea

Wonderland brought to life. This afternoon tea at Sanderson lets you tumble down the rabbit hole and discover a tea party beyond your wildest dreams. Sip a tea and ponder the peculiar as you indulge in a White Rabbit carrot cake, An Eat Me, Shrink me, Bring Me Back tart and Mad Hatter sandwich.

2. Flyboarding

Ever wanted to experience being 30ft into the air, or up to 10m underwater? How about on the same day? Flyboarding looks straight out of the future, and with loads of experiences, you can ensure your 21st is one you won’t forget in a hurry! It’s actually a bit of an art form, and takes a while to master, but it’s also a barrel of good fun.

3. Paint like Bob Ross

Ever seen Bob Ross on TV painting a mountain range? You can learn that skill too! There are now Bob Ross Teachers holding local and online workshops that you can follow along with and create your very own masterpiece in a few hours! These classes are designed for beginners so you don’t need any experience in painting to attend. Grab some friends and get a masterpiece.

4. Outdoor Movies

Need more 21st birthday party ideas at home? This is one for you. Treat yourself to Outdoor Movie Night Extravaganza: transform your garden into a cozy outdoor cinema. Invite friends and family for a night under the stars, complete with comfy blankets, popcorn, and classic movies. About £150 is the price for a business to bring a HD Projector and screen, laptop, speakers and to cable it all together.

A group of people sitting on blankets in a garden with cartoons being played on an projector.

5. Roaring ’20s Gastby Gala

Transport your guests back in time to the glamorous era of the 1920s with a Great Gatsby-themed party. Encourage everyone to dress in vintage attire and dance the night away. Get your cocktail mixer out and enjoy some French 75’s or Sidecars for extra glamour.

6. Epic Road Trip Adventure

Gather your closest pals and embark on a road trip to a destination you’ve always wanted to explore. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a longer journey, it’ll be a memorable way to celebrate your 21st. Use a Collection Pot to gather funds for the break.

A group of friends happily posing by the sea.

7. Make Your Own Signature Scent

This is a grown up one! There are many experiences where you can design your own perfumes. You pick out the scents from high quality, unique fragrances, the consultant will blend it for you, before you take your pick from several different coloured atomisers to take it away with you. You’ll typically have the chance to name your perfumes and will each receive an e-certificate of registration, so you can order more of your unique scent in the future. Have a look at the experienced day providers for something like this.

8. Safari Experience

Party ideas for 21st birthdays don’t have to be cheap. If you have time and can save the funds, why not take to the zoo for a safari experience to rival a day on an African plain? If you have a spare £400, or might be able to get a generous donation from friends and family, connoisseur a VIP safari experience! We looked at the one from Longleat, and it includes some really memorable moments. You’ll spend the day meeting and feeding Amur tigers, African Lions, sea lions and a Rothschild giraffe or our tapir. Then enjoy a drive around the African reserve where you’ll see even more animals up close!

9. Wine Tasting Adventure

If you’re a wine enthusiast, consider visiting a local winery or even planning a wine tasting tour to explore various vintages and enjoy delicious pairings. If wine tasting isn’t your thing, take this theme but boil it down to a pub crawl! Whether you do just nice wines or settle for some cocktails and a theme, it’s certainly one to remember! Don’t forget some tops for a pub crawl marked ‘21st birthday party’ to make an extra fuss for the birthday boy or girl.

10. Ninja Warrior Course

While you might not have the time to do the real one, you can find one of the Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Parks instead. This is a supervised activity and fitness venue inspired by ITV’s hit programme Ninja Warrior UK! You can climb, balance, jump and swing across different obstacles using and developing your Ninja skills, plus they also have the famous Warped Wall. Can you beat the wall?!

11. Paint and Sip

Arrange a painting night where everyone can unleash their inner artist while enjoying wine and good company. On Amazon you can get some really cheap but effective glass pens, which allow you to doodle and draw on glasses. As it’s a 21st, why not decorate some champagne glasses?

12. Rick Stein at Home

Treat yourself to a Stein’s at Home! The new delivery service is fab for cooking lobster, creating curry dishes, and each box serves two people with one, two or three-course menus. All of the preparation is done for you, so you simply cook and assemble the dishes at home. A lovely meal to remember for a special moment.

Rick Stein's Indonesian Curry Kit; Thai fishcakes with dipping sauce and green leaves.

13. Rooftop Jacuzzi

Things to do for 21st birthday do often involve bars, but this is an elevation on the theme. There are so many amazing hotels that have outdoor pools or hot tubs, where you can have a great night relaxing and looking out at the city, whatever the weather! Take a look for ‘outdoor pools’ or ‘rooftop pools’ on your favourite hotel booking site to find a few.

14. Star-Studded Stargazing

This is one of our favourite ideas for a 21st birthday party that will be remembered for a lifetime. Head out to a remote location away from city lights and set up telescopes for a night of stargazing. We are lucky in the UK to be near some amazing spots that are actually great for stargazing, but you need to head out with intention (and a tent!). This Red Bull blog details all the spots in far more detail than we can here, so take a look!

Silhouette of trees against a time-lapsed starry sky in Canada.

15. Game Night Gala

Turn your birthday into a game night extravaganza with board games, card games, and video games. It’s a great way to enjoy friendly competition. This is one of those 21st birthday party ideas at home that can be used for any age. Some members may stay the night, some might head into town afterwards, or you can create a full lock-in experience! 

16. Live Lounge Music

Rent a private lounge or bar with live music for a night of dancing and celebration. You can even hire a band or DJ to keep the party going.

17. Theme Park

Whether you love them or loathe them a theme park can provide a great day of entertainment. According to the site Attractions near me there are new rides potentially coming in 2024, from Project Horizon, RMC and an Intamin multi-dimensional roller coaster perhaps on the cards at Alton Towers to Project Exodus at Thorpe Park Resort, it’s well worth another visit.

18. Mediterranean Cruise Dinner

Rent a boat or book a dinner cruise. If you are near the Thames, Lake District or one of the main docks in the UK, you are spoilt for choice! Or, perhaps there is a chance you are near a canal path and can look at hiring a boat for a day. We love the idea of the boating birthday!

19. Outdoor Yoga Retreat

Start your 21st year with serenity by hosting a sunrise or sunset yoga retreat in a peaceful outdoor setting. Too dull? Look into the now-famous puppy or goat yoga for something more interactive! Please ensure to check the credentials before booking to ensure the animals wellbeing comes at the highest priority.

A group of women watching a yoga instructor with a goat on her back.

20. Hot Air Balloon Ride

These are about £185 per person, however may vary depending on when and where you go. If you want to make it extra special, you can find providers that can add on extras like fizz! Remember that flights may not always go, so don’t pin all your 21st birthday dreams on it!

3 hot air balloons over fields and a river.

21. The Hot Tub Boat

Looking to combine several experiences in one? Why not organise an afternoon with Skuna where you can float around London’s Canary Wharf Canal in a hot tub that doubles up as boat?! You could even book the BBQ experience and cook up a feast on your way!

A Skuna hot tub boat in Canary Wharf Canal with a group sat in.

Enjoy your 21st party!

We hope you loved these 21 21st party ideas, and as you embark on your journey into adulthood, choosing how to celebrate your 21st birthday is entirely up to you. Each idea on this list offers a unique and unforgettable experience that can cater to your personal preferences and interests. Remember, it’s not just about the event; it’s about the memories you create and the people you celebrate with.

Whatever it is you want to do for your 21st, use a Collection Pot so friends and family can contribute towards you chosen birthday adventure as a special gift.

So go ahead, pick the idea that resonates most with you, invite your loved ones, and let the festivities begin! Your 21st birthday is a moment to cherish, and these ideas will help you make it truly remarkable. Cheers to turning 21!

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