Wedding Cake Ideas: Jaw-Dropping Designs for Your Special Day

Looking for wedding cake ideas? You are our kind of bride/ groom. Picture this. You’ve had the vows, the meal and the speeches and now – the cake. While others love a first dance, we love a jaw dropping wedding cake to really make people ooh and ahh. When you plan your big day, don’t leave the cake to last! Get ideas for a wedding cake early.  There’s a choice beyond the royal iced 3 tier fruit cake, that feels a bit more modern. 

Read on for a range of wedding cake patterns and wedding cake inspiration to take to a baker or cake expert (or to attempt in your own kitchen, although we can’t be held responsible for any poor results!) 

Ideas for a wedding cake

Simple cakes 

Naked cake 

Naked wedding cake decorated with succulents, white roses and blackberries.

For a charmingly rustic yet elegant option, consider a naked cake. Lola’s Cupcakes offers a delightful Two-Tier Naked Vanilla and Fruit Wedding Cake. This masterpiece features moist vanilla sponge layers filled with smooth vanilla mascarpone, raspberry compote and fresh seasonal berries. Hand-decorated with a thin layer of vanilla buttercream, it’s simply irresistible.

Rose cake 

Add a touch of romance to your celebration with a rose cake. This creation from Patisserie Valerie boasts four layers of golden plain sponge filled with a berry cream of fruit of the forest fruit filling and fresh whipped cream. Decorated with ripples of pink and white Swiss meringue buttercream and adorned with delicate pink and purple roses, it’s a vision of elegance and taste.

Pressed flowers

3 tiered white wedding cake with an array of pressed flowers decorating it.

Perfect pressed flowers are stylish and simple. We loved this cake that uses flat dried flowers to add an extra dimension to a cake that is just as suited to a country get together to a city affair. 

Elegant cakes 

Raining petals

2 tiered white wedding cake decorated with pink and white petals.

Make a statement with a raining petal cake. Choose the colours and florals that mean the most to you, or go with something evergreen. We love Cutter and Squidge’s Four-Tier Petals Rain Wedding Cake. This design is both chic and stylish, featuring cascading petals that create a mesmerizing effect. Perfect for couples looking to add a touch of drama to their celebration! 

Pearl cakes 

For a classic and sophisticated option, consider a pearl cake as one of the classic ways to make wedding cake patterns that stand the test of time. Lola’s Cupcakes offers a stunning creation with moist sponge layers hand-decorated with buttercream and studded with sugar pearls. With its elegant ribbon effect, this cake is sure to dazzle your guests without breaking the bank and you can also replicate the look to your own tastes if you’re making your own. 

Marble cake

Consider a marble cake in the colors of your wedding and add flowers or macarons for an extra flourish like this lovely cake

Unusual cakes 

Wedding cheese cake

5 tiers of different cheeses emulating a wedding cake on a table with 3 bottle of champagne.

For the cheese lovers out there, why not opt for a wedding cheese cake? This Paxton & Whitfield creation is designed to serve 100 people with all the dairy goodness they want, and features four tiers of delicious artisan cheeses. From the award-winning Gorwydd Caerphilly to the tangy Langres, this cake is a true celebration of flavour and a must if you skip pudding and always ask if there’s a cheese board. 

Indigo cake

Tall 3 tiered wedding cake with dark navy icing and icing flowers.

For a bold and unconventional choice, consider a luxury indigo navy-blue wedding cake instead of the paler colours.  GCCouture offers a luxurious 3-tiered cake adorned with hand-crafted white, blue, and gold sugar flowers. With its striking design, this cake is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests and you can add extras. We think this would pop with extra florals such as bright yellow sunflowers or even simple daisies. 

Fake cake

Looking for a budget-friendly option or a cake that doubles as a keepsake? Consider a fake cake! Perfect for weddings or any celebration, these intricately designed cakes feature a cut-out for a real cake slice to be inserted, giving the illusion of a full cake without the cost. You get to cut it for the pics and can even serve up a Colin cake in the back. Shhhh! It’s our secret! 

Macaron tower

Macaron tower with a multitude of flavours and an undecorated white cake on top.

For a fun and interactive dessert option, why not opt for a macaron tower? Many suppliers sell multiple-tiered cake stands specially designed to hold macarons (and other sweet treats) making it a unique and memorable addition to your celebration. Macarons come in all kinds of colours and flavours and as well as looking great, this can be a good budget option.

Wedding cake ideas

Let’s get started with some wedding cake inspiration. What speaks to you as a couple? Here are some pointers.

Ideas for personalisation of your wedding cake 

Dinosaur Wedding Couple Cake Toppers.

Have some fun with it. We love these dinosaur toppers that made us smile and always chuckle at this rugby playing one as well. Don’t feel limited to toppers either! Take a look at this Glastonbury wedding cake, proof that the whole cake can be as personal as you! Cake ideas for a wedding are only limited by your imagination! You can even eat your own photo, with the brand by the same name! 

Tying in with Other Wedding Elements

You might also want to tie in with other elements when considering cake ideas for a wedding.

Want to know the difference a theme can make to a cake? Take a look at this beach cake, ideal for a coastal wedding as shared on Reddit; then contrast with this elegant cake, more suited to a city loft affair. Both beautiful, and both perfect for their own environments. 

Make flavour your point of difference 

Consider that the cake can also be more classic in look and feel, but the flavours can really pop and this could be your point of difference. Speak to your baker about wedding cake ideas and what’s trending. The possibilities for everything, from crumbled biscuits and artful designs through to flavoured or coloured sponges are limited only really by imagination! 

Planning your big day? 

We hope this article has given you a few ideas on how to choose the perfect wedding cake to keep your guests talking for all the right reasons! Ideas for a wedding cake can take some time, and we haven’t captured every possible kind, so feel free to get creative and make or ask a baker to make a cake that is uniquely yours. In the thick of wedding planning?

Don’t forget to set up your Collection Pot ahead of the big day for your wedding or honeymoon fund! It’s free, quick and easy to do. Get started here. 

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