Wedding Thank You Card Wording Examples

Are you back from your big day and your honeymoon and still in bliss? That’s amazing! But before you drift back into normal life, take some time to consider your wedding thank you cards!

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Getting wedding thank you messages is a lovely treat for the guests who travelled so far to celebrate with you, or sent and gave gifts. Don’t forget that a wedding is a huge cost for guests, with hotel rooms, outfits, treats for the bride and groom and hen and stag parties all adding up. The least they deserve is a thoughtful and personal thank you message for wedding attendance, gifts and kindness. 

We also know that some people have been so amazingly generous, that you may want to give wedding thank you gifts! We can delve into that, but first – what about the wedding thank you card wording.

You may have the cards ready and are poised, falling at the hurdle of what to say. Well, we have been there! How can you say thank you in such a short space, sound sincere and offer enough thanks? 

Choose which thank you works for you best

It’s time to get inspired with a template. Here are some of the best wedding gift thank you card wording examples we have that spark inspiration. 

What the wedding thank you card should cover: 

Your wedding thank you cards should be able to cover some core topics: 

Let’s jump into some thank you wedding card wording as a taster. 

Traditional wedding gift thank you 

Dear Janet,

Thank you for your wonderful wedding gift! Your thoughtfulness and generosity made our special day even more memorable. We are truly grateful for your presence and the lovely present you gave us. We hope to see you soon. 

Formal wedding thank you 

Dear Jane,

We both wanted to send our sincerest gratitude for the exquisite wedding gift you picked. We opened them and your thoughtfulness and generosity are so truly appreciated. Your presence at our wedding made the day even more special, and we hope you had a wonderful day. 

Thank you again.

Funny / Light hearted wedding gift thank you card wording

“Jane and Micheal – what can we say about our wedding? No really, we don’t remember much of it! Thank you so much for coming and spending your time and effort travelling all the way from Manchester to be with us. It meant so much to see you there and we really appreciate all your efforts. Not only that, thank you for our beautiful handmade card and the kind contribution to our Collection Pot. We are heading off to our honeymoon in late December, so will put the funds towards a trip. Thank you again, and hope to see you this Summer.” 

Friendly wedding gift thank you wording

James and Jane – who else could have got us the perfect gift- a Collection Pot to spend at John Lewis! (Jane, you know how much I have loved those blankets. 

You lit up the day, and sharing the dancefloor with you both made our day. It’s one of our favourite memories. Thank you so much for your love and generous gift. See you soon. 

A wedding thank you for multiple guests 

If you have a range of cards you are getting printed, you may want to say thank you to a lot of people at once. 

You can either make it clear that this is a round-robin or try to make it seem personalised. We have added samples of both. 

“We are back from our blissful honeymoon in Scotland, and are enjoying married life. We’ve yet to argue about socks or the dishwasher, we can only imagine the residual champagne has helped lift our mood! We wanted to thank you for coming to our special day and being there. While we cherish every single gift, contribution into our honeymoon Pot and beautiful cards, what really made the day was the laughter, smiles and photos. We loved how keen you were to dance and enjoy the food and to wish us well. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming and making our day what it was. 

All our love, Mr and Mrs Edwards”.

“We wanted to write and thank you for your wonderful card as well as your generous gift. It was truly appreciated. 

We wanted a special day filled with family and friends, and we couldn’t have been happier. Thank you for making that possible. 

The New Mr and Mrs Edwards”.

Now it’s your turn!

Hopefully, this inspires your own wedding thank you messages – and remember, even if it’s on text, email, a call or a nice card- it matters that you say thank you. 

If you were lucky enough to have a generous Collection Pot set up for your wedding or honeymoon, why not repay the favour by getting one set up for someone in your family? Perhaps a big birthday is coming up, you want to help fundraise or support a great cause. Whatever the occasion, there’s a Pot for that! 

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