What is a Collection Pot? 

Pennies spilling out of a glass jar.

A Collection Pot is a simple and convenient way to pool money towards a common goal or gift. A Collection Pot that can be accessed online is a great way to bring people together and make gift-giving more meaningful. Plus, it’s easy to track contributions and ensure everyone has contributed. So next time you’re thinking about giving a gift or raising money for a cause, consider using a Collection Pot to make it easier for everyone involved! 

Our platform allows you to create a Collection Pot without downloading an app. Just create your Pot, share the link or QR code, and let people quickly pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay – it only takes a few seconds! 

Why use the UK’s No.1 group gift-collecting platform? 

There are quite a few more things we think you’d like, which makes us more accessible to use than others! 

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What can I use a Collection Pot for? 

Collection Pots are a great way to gather contributions for a special occasion or gift. You can use them for events like a colleague’s going away present, end-of-term teacher gifts, or even birthdays and baby showers. It’s an easy and affordable way for a group of people to come together and show their appreciation. 

Instead of everyone buying a separate gift, a Collection Pot is a great way to pool money together and get a more significant present for the person. Plus, it removes the stress of wondering how much everyone else is spending or if your gift is up to par. Instead, everyone can contribute (and add a thoughtful message), and the recipient will feel loved and appreciated by the entire group and get a meaningful gift to remember the occasion. 

Digital Collection Pots 

They’ve made collecting money from a group easier, especially in the post-Covid world where we all try to avoid close contact. However, with most people not carrying cash and many companies adopting hybrid working structures, it can take a lot of work to get together in person. That’s where digital Collection Pots come in handy – they allow us to collect money quickly and safely from a group, no matter where we are or what banks we use. Plus, they’re super convenient – no more digging through your wallet for spare change! 

Group gifting platforms are a great way to collect money from a group using a computer or phone. They make it easy to track contributions, see who has paid and give you a running total of how much has been collected. Plus, there are many different options, so you can choose the one that works best for you and your group. Overall, digital collection pots are a convenient and efficient way to collect money from a group. 
Setting up a Collection Pot is an excellent way for groups to come together and contribute towards a common goal or gift. They are handy when it’s hard to get everyone in the same place, like during the pandemic. Plus, it adds a personal touch to gift-giving and helps bring people together. 

You, as the Organiser, can bring people together! 

Since 2020 Collection Pot has helped millions worldwide come together by making it simple for organisers to collect money from groups. Whether it’s gifts for teachers, group holidays or your local sports teams – create a Collection Pot today!