Seamlessly Collect Christmas Contributions

Whether it's for the Christmas Party, a class gift to the teacher or a whip round for the big boss, there's a Collection Pot for that.

Use a Christmas Collection Pot to give someone a gift they really want.

Try something different and break the tradition of giving gifts for the sake of it. Why not use a Collection Pot this year to give someone the gift of choice.

Design a Pot

A gift for Mr James
The Christmas Party is here!

Customise your Christmas Pot

Choose your own images and decide whether to make the total raised public. Select the Pot's closing date and time to ensure you collect all your party funds before the big day!
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The Christmas Party!

Share the link around

Just for you

Each Pot comes with a unique sharing link that you can customise to your heart's content. Simply copy and paste the link and share it with your friends or colleagues in whatever way tickles your fancy - whether it's by email, text, WhatsApp, or even by printing a funky QR code to add to a poster or invite.

Get contributions

Add to a Pot from anywhere!

Wherever you are in the world, contributing is easy; you don’t need an account – pay in with Visa, Mastercard, Apple or Google Pay! Don’t forget to leave a message or photo on the wall when you add in!

How to spend your Pot

Gift Cards
Instant Transfers

Once your Pot closes you, or your recipient, will be sent an email with a link to redeem the Pot where you can mix and match your spend at 60+ retailers

Instantly transfer to your bank account – via Visa or Mastercard card* for free.

**We work with most major banks, however some exclusions apply, please see our FAQs for more.

Key Features

Personalise your Pot

Whether it is to spread the word about the Christmas Party or to create the perfect present, personalise the Pot exactly as you wish.

Set an amount for each contributor

For THE Christmas dinner or a present for a special someone, create a Set Price Pot to ensure everyone pays equally into the Pot.

Share the joy!

Share your excitement about the upcoming festive season! Or, why not add a video message for the recipient to see when they open the Pot!

Instantly transfer to a bank account

Whether it is for party planning or a present, give the Pot recipient total freedom to do whatever they like with the Pot total.

The easiest thank you card out there

Let recipient tell you over video or message how much they loved the Pot!
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Don't just take our word for it

Don't just take our word for it

this user gave us 5 stars
Collection Pot for our abroad wedding
We recently used Collection Pot for our wedding. It was SO easy to use. We are UK based and our wedding was a mix ...
Harriet Abbott 9 hours ago
this user gave us 4 stars
Easy to use but
Easy to use but I could not attach a picture when I published the wall of messages.
Eric Chasseray 10 hours ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Great will use as my main method of…
Great will use as my main method of collection
Shianne Robinson 11 hours ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Collection Pot is easy to use
It was easy to set up. Flexible to use and for users to give easily. The time I had to phone for assistance was...
Louise 11 hours ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Very useful to have the money all in…
Very useful to have the money all in one place and offers e vouchers for a plethora of companies which is good. Op...
Chloe Batchelor 11 hours ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Really easy to use and lots of choices if you want to put the money raised on a gift card.
C.A 11 hours ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Simple, quick and easy to set up. Also really easy to extract the pot of money at the end.
Baldeep Channa 12 hours ago
this user gave us 5 stars
Should be call easy pot
Easy to set up and send link out to people so they can add to pot. Transfer of money once pot close was super fast...
Nicholas Cotton 15 hours ago
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