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Consumer collections

It’s completely free to sign up and create a Collection Pot.

On all donations we charge a payment processing fee of 1.9% + 20p of your contribution and we deduct this amount, with the balance going in to the recipient’s Collection Pot.

You also have the option to add this fee to your contribution, to ensure that the full value of your intended contribution is added to the recipient’s Collection Pot.

For example, if you make a £10.00 contribution the total you will be charged is £10.39.

Full details of our charges can be viewed here

Business collections

Having your own white label version of Collection Pot enables you to add your own branding, logo, colourways and imagery.

You can also tailor the email messaging, reflecting your own tone and language.

Will be given access to your own personalised dashboard. Enabling you to manage all your collections in one easy view.

You can even select your own redemption catalogue from our huge portfolio of gifts, gift cards and ecodes. Or funds can be transferred to a nominated bank account.

This solution is perfect for businesses, charities or community projects that are looking for a tailored platform to facilitate their group collections.