Wedding Poems for Cards 

Want to make your wedding invite more special? Our list of wedding poems for cards are totally original and we can guarantee you won’t find them anywhere else – because we wrote them! 

At Collection Pot, we see a range of Pots set up for couples and by couples who are getting married – so we know what works best – plus, we’ve done quite a few weddings ourselves. Write your own poem or use these, and if in doubt, write from the heart or add a personal note and adaptation from these. 


Choose the wedding poem that works for you!

Funny wedding poems for sport mad groom / bride 

It’s the day that we’ve waited for 

The invites landing through the door 

The family and friends can’t wait to see

Where our special day will be 

Well, we can say that despite the myths

(Groom / Bride name) hasn’t got their mitts

On THEIR vision of a wedding day 

(That involves their team playing away) 

It’s a much more traditional affair, and we’d both love to see you there 

And if ( name) is in their strip/kit 

Let’s just say (partners name) will be over it 

So when you want to know the theme and colours 

Listen to (partner name) – not any others! 

See you there!

Love, Bride and Groom Name 


Wedding poems for a film-loving couple 

Our love story is just like the silver screen,

A romance that’s pure, real, and clean.

We’ll live happily ever after, just like in the flicks,

A love story that’s timeless, one that sticks.

Our love is like a movie reel,

Full of drama, laughter, and zeal.

Our love story’s one for the ages,

Full of passion and romantic stages.

Our love is like a Hollywood blockbuster,

Full of action, adventure, and wonder.

Together, we’ll take on the world and win,

Our love story is a true tale of kin.

Our romance is like the perfect rom-com,

Full of laughter, love, and a happy outcome.

Our love story will go down in history,

As the greatest romance in all of our mystery.

With you by my side, life’s like a movie set,

Full of surprises, thrills, and a love we’ll never forget.

Our love story’s just like the ones on the big screen,

Full of passion, emotion, and a love that gleams.

As the credits roll and the curtains draw near,

We’ll stand hand in hand, filled with love and no fear.

Our love story’s like a movie that’ll never end,

A tale of love and devotion that will always blend.


Wedding poems for a book loving couple 

What’s our love story? There are pages to leaf 

In us, there’s a touch of Catherine and Heathcliff

We might not make a Darcy, Buttler or Jay 

But our book will read another way. 

We grew up reading classics, the trials and tribulations

The hero’s journey, the dashing prince and then the altercations 

The drama and the romance and the cliffhangers and tears

So when it comes to marriage, both of us have zero fears 

The hero always gets the girl, the girl she gets her way 

And we can’t wait to prove this all – on our special day! 

Wedding poems to write to a loved one 


Special wedding poems from a mum to a daughter 

My darling girl, today’s your moment

And believe me when I say 

That you deserve the best, with nothing in your way 

I wish you years of happiness

And days packed full of laughter

And that you always remember the moment of 

Your happy ever after 

So go ahead, enjoy the day

Make memories and then some 

But know my love the amazing part is 

The best is yet to come!


Special wedding poems from a mum to a son 

My little boy grew up so fast 

One day it was footballs and then when that passed 

it was heroes and space and before I could tell –

It was time for my boy to love girls as well 

And he picked the best one, she’s amazing, so dear 

And your lives together will be amazing, it’s clerar

But I will always struggle in letting you go 

So I will tell you all that I know 

You make me so proud, a better person, I love you 

There’s not a single person above you 

You’re a man now, a great man, and your next big thing is: 

To be a great husband (maybe one day, grand kids?) 

My special boy, I wish you a lifetime 

Of happiness, laughter, and sunshine


Special wedding poems from a dad to a daughter 

Daughter/ NAME. it seems like yesterday 

that I was wiping those tears away 

From the first day at home to that bad day at school

In those tricky moments –  I felt like a fool

I didn’t have the words, the right thing to say, 

but believe me, I always thought of this day, 

Of you being so happy, of glowing with life,

the knowing with time it would all turn out right  

So go, be with (GROOM NAME) – he knows you are treasured – I wish you a lifetime of joy together 

Your dad is still here, to hold you near,

whenever you need me,

Forever – my dear.


Special wedding poems from a dad to a son 

Today’s a day I’m content to see,

How much you’ve grown so brilliantly,

My bones can’t explain what this means to me,

Every moment shared, led to this, you see.

I want you to know so crystal clear,

I’m proud of who you are, and know you’ll steer,

Forward with what you do, and what you hold dear,

Wishing you a lifetime of joy, my dear.


Wedding poems to ask for money 

Want to ask for money but don’t want to sound too cheeky? Enter the saviour of the day – a wedding poem to ask for money. So British and oh so necessary.

If you add a poem to your wedding card, you can get money without feeling like you’re asking grandma for a wire transfer of her life savings. It also means without sounding like you’re demanding, you get what you really need (the moolah) AND help put guests’ minds at ease. From a waste point of view, this also ensures you don’t end up with 6 air fryers and 16 spoon sets heading to landfill.  

Seems like years ago we moved in together, 

And even then we knew it was forever.

We slowly bought all the pots and the pans 

The gadgets and gizmos – in summer, the fans.

We treasured them all (just like each other) 

So when asked for gifts we’ve been saying ‘don’t bother!’

Just bring yourselves to our day, have fun

But if you must give, then some cash is the one

We’d love to accept and would thank you dearly 

(even though we just want you there – yes really!)

We could spend it on an adventure or two 

A rainy day –

 or hopefully, with you! 


Heartfelt and upbeat poem 

We have been asked about our list 

For a special celebratory gift 

The truth is, we can only suggest  

That if you must, then cash is best

We simply have everything to hand 

To make our house simply grand. 

We know you’d rather give us a ‘thing’ 

So please know that the feeling the money will bring 

A sprinkle of joy, a dash of cheer

And a grin from us both from ear to ear 

And when we need to buy something new

Rest assured, we’ll be thinking of you!


Honest poem 

When we’ve been asked 

(or set ourselves the task) 

Of seeking gifts for our wedding list…

We’ve quickly found – we should be in bliss. 

We have everything a couple could need

Air fryers, blankets and even plant seeds. 

Our house is a home – but we know that’s a fuss-

When you want to give something special to us. 

The truth is cash wouldn’t make us blue

(‘though we just want to spend our day with you

A small token would go a long way 

To help us save for a rainy day 

So don’t feel you need to 

It’s not at all expected 

But a few pounds, pence or euros – 

Would be kindly accepted!


Funny poems  

Weddings cost a lot for all the guests

The parties, the hotel, then dressing your best 

We know the feeling of spending a day 

In a department store haze – going this and that way 

Deciding between fork sets or cups 

And feeling neither looks all that much. 

There’s nothing we need but your presence and joy

But if you must, then don’t choose a toy. 

A couple of quid or a simple few notes 

So we can buy a pint (or save for a goat! )

Whatever the future holds, you can help 

And we’ll save your weekend from department store hell!


Funny and heartfelt poem 

We wish we could say that we need an air fryer 

A spiralizer, a cup set, or even a drier. 

The fact is we’ve been living together 

And cobbled our items to make something treasured 

Our house became a home – and now with a wedding 

We don’t need much – so where is this heading? 

We know many like to give a gift 

But the truth is that we simply have no list. 

A few pounds instead would be so well used 

And no – NAME – doesn’t mean on shoes! 

To take that dream trip, to fix up that car 

Money will help us go away far. 

We’ll leave it with you – but know you are treasured 

And we can’t wait to spend our day all together! 


Funny poem if you’re scared you sound cheeky 

A wedding list is hard to write 

Not like Christmas (mum and dad always got a fright) 

We don’t want to sound cheeky, it doesn’t seem right 

To detail things that you should go out and buy!

We do believe honesty is best

So when it comes to what we need, money stands the test 

It could go on our dream vacation 

A holiday of memories to mark the occasion 

We’ll bore you with all the piccies 

(You MUST come round for tea and biccies!)

We thank you so much for thinking of us 

And we can’t wait for a day and an evening of fun! 


Funny poem from guests’ POV 

The wedding guest has an impossible task 

Getting a gift that’s right – without ask 

Spoiling the couple with something that’s right 

For the pair who have been together for hundreds of nights 

You can’t get the fork sets, a mug or a kettle 

And it seems rude to just grab the mettle

And ask what they’d like( they didn’t write a list ) 

And now you scroll the internet aimlessly – oh fizz. 

Luckily YOUR engaged pair took pity 

They asked for money – AND they wrote a short ditty!

No boring shopping trips, no wrapping that’s hard  

Just a few pound coins popped into a card 

And you’ll never know how happy they got

When they added it up and realised with shock 

They had just enough to go far away 

AND they’d had the most perfect day!


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