5 Reasons Why Gift Cards Make a Great Gift for Teachers

You might be organising a teacher gift and wanting a bit of extra backup – while you might think that a Gift Card collection is a good idea – what about the other mums, dads and carers? 

What can the teacher get? And are gift cards a good present? 

  1. Gift cards help get a teacher collection kickstarted 

It’s important to start your collection ASAP if you want lots of class contributions! By setting up a gift card Pot, you can get people to start writing their messages of appreciation, adding video messages and popping some funds into the Pot – and the bigger decisions (how, when and where to give the gift) are all made a little later down the line. 

  1. Gift cards give teachers the perfect choice

By offering a platform of gift cards, they can choose the brand they really love so they get what they really want or need. The range available at Collection Pot includes: 

With Collection Pot a teacher can pick their own from brands that they already know and like, or, for a real treat.

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They might fancy: 

It’s all covered. 

  1. Gift cards work perfectly with children’s cards and homemade treats!
Children making handmade card.

Why not mix the best of both worlds? We know that teachers really love homemade cards, notes or drawings, but you can probably guess how many bottles of wine, bath salt sets, mugs and flowers they get.

Why not do the best of both worlds? A lovely homemade card, album or something special, as well as a balance to spend on gift cards that they can really enjoy. 

  1. You can even choose the gift card for them – with no risk of sharing banking details. 

You might have heard plans to collect funds into a bank account and be wondering why this could be a problem. There are a few issues! 

First up, privacy concerns: sharing bank details can compromise the privacy and security of individuals, as it can lead to identity theft, fraud, and other financial crimes. 

Then there is the concern of embarrassment: if you volunteer to collect, some parents may feel judged sending just a few pounds. There is no benchmark of what to send and no way to contribute anonymously, which can make people feel guilty. 

What about chasing? Has someone opted out or do they need reminding? How will you keep track of money in and out? And, if you donate, has the recipient received it? It can be so easy to key in the wrong digit for an account number.  Collecting and managing bank details can be difficult and time-consuming.

Legal issues. It sounds silly, but having multiple income sources landing in your bank account may come up at a time of an application for a mortgage or any other investigation. It’s always best to keep fund collection on a platform. 

  1. You can choose the gift card and the present for them! 
Red box being tied up with a baby pink ribbon.

You can always take the balance when the Pot closes, pick up a gift card and redeem it for a present. 

Take a look at our next read – what to buy with the gift card!

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