How to Ask for Donations: Useful Templates

If you are fundraising for a charity, collecting money for a cause, or raising awareness of your event, you want support and donations. But you are also competing against people’s limited time and attention. What are the best ways to ask for donations and achieve fundraising support? Perhaps you need an email template or guidance for social media ideas. Luckily, we see hundreds of fundraising pages at Collection Pot – so we know how to make a convincing message! Here are some ideas to use.

Tips on how to ask for donations

Email template to an individual

  1. Hi (NAME), I hope you are well. How are (INSERT FAMILY NAME/PERSONAL NOTE).
  2. I know you are so busy with everything at the moment, so I wanted to reach out just quickly and personally let you know about my fundraising event. Simply, the idea is to (INSERT WHAT YOU ARE DOING) to raise money for (INSERT FUNDRAISING RECIPIENT).
  3. The reason why I am supporting this cause is personal to me – (explain why the cause matters to you, with specifics). 
  4. Now, of course instead of asking you to join me as I (INSERT EVENT)! I am asking for donations to the cause. I am sorry to be direct in doing so, but I have set a target of (INSERT TARGET) and would love to hit that by (INSERT DATE). 
  5. The funds will be spent (INSERT HOW FUNDS WILL BE USED) and will be gratefully received by myself and by (RECIPIENT).
  6. If you can spare just a small amount, this would mean so much. If not, then even sharing my Collection Pot page – (INSERT URL) would help promote what I am doing and get the word out. 
  7. To donate you can visit the link above. 
  8. Thank you so much in advance for any support you can offer. 
  9. Best wishes, (YOUR NAME) 

Email template to a group

  1. Hello everyone!
  2. I wanted to let you know that I am raising funds for (INSERT CAUSE) with a goal to hit £(X) by (INSERT DATE). 
  3. I am not simply asking for money – and anyone who has ever wanted to see me really suffer will be thrilled to hear I will be (INSERT EVENT) to raise money! 
  4. So far, I have raised £(X) but I am a long way off target. 
  5. The reason I am fundraising is because (INSERT REASONS – e.g. I have personally experienced…. I have seen the amazing work done by…. Unfortunately, funding has dropped for this charity.) 
  6. Every little helps – in fact just £(X) would raise enough to (INSERT USE OF MONEY).
  7. I understand that times are hard for many of us, and if you cannot donate, I would be so grateful if you could share the fundraising link on your social media for me. 
  8. If you donate today, I am also offering up (insert small token of incentive –muffins/ cookies/ tea making duties) so I will keep an eye on the page today. You can use your card and make any donation you like, however big or small. 
  9. The link to donate and learn more about the cause is here: (INSERT LINK)
  10. Thank you so much. 
  11. (YOUR NAME)

Social media template 

  1. There are just (X) days left until (INSERT EVENT NAME) and every penny counts! Today, I will do an Ask Me Anything. All questions answered – if you’ve donated of course! 
  2. Thank you to recent donors @ (tag them by name)
  3. Would you like to see our training programme for (INSERT EVENT NAME)? Hit like / Retweet and we’ll share a day in the life preparing to (TASK NAME) 
  4. Our highest donor so far is the amazing @ (tag by name) – thank you so much (NAME). 
  5. Just £(X) until we hit a big milestone of (X) raised. To offer you something, today I will be sharing 6 photos of (something related to the event or cause – e.g., happy dogs, people who have ‘rung the bell’)
  6. Have you donated yet? I am offering you the chance to pick my outfit for the day of (INSERT EVENT NAME)! Send me a DM and let me know. 
  7. If doing (INSERT EVENT NAME) wasn’t enough, I need to spur on donations. So today – truth or dare! Donate and I will do my best to do a truth or dare for you! I await your messages…
  8. Did you know that (INSERT FACT ABOUT CHARITY/EVENT)? 
  9. Who will (INSERT EVENT NAME) support? Read all about (INSERT STORY CONNECTED TO THE EVENT). If it resonates, the link to donate is here. Every single penny counts! 

If you are fundraising and you haven’t set up your Collection Pot yet – start today! Accept donations and see who has donated, track your goals, and read messages of encouragement. It will get you well on your way to meeting your target!

Elaine Keep

Collection Pot is the personalised, simple & fun way to collect money online for any occasion.

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